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DIY Handpainted Christmas Sign Tutorial – With Free Printable Stencil

I just love handpainted signs, especially around the holidays. Today, I wanted to share this easy DIY handpainted Christmas sign. I’ve included a free printable stencil so no lettering skills are necessary!

diy handpainted christmas sign pinterest

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Supplies needed to create this DIY handpainted Christmas sign:

christmas sign supplies

The first step is to paint the wood block a light blue color. I achieved this shade by mixing white with a tiny bit of blue acrylic paint.

I was going for more of a rustic, washed out look so I only lightly painted the wood block so that some of the wood grain would show through.

painted block of wood

While you’re waiting for the paint to dry, print out the free printable Merry Christmas stencil here. (The stencil measures 6 inches wide) Trim the excess paper. I use this paper cutter for my projects.

Turn the paper over and rub chalk on the entire backside. Make sure to use a color that is dark enough to stand out on your wood block.


Carefully turn the piece of paper over and place on top of the wood block. Use some masking tape at the top to hold in place.

christmas sign progress

Next, using a pen or sharp pencil, trace the letters. Take a peek before you get too far to make sure that the chalk is transferring.

christmas sign diy

If done correctly, it should look something like the photo below. It’s totally okay if the lettering doesn’t look too dark or have perfect lines, you can clean it up when you’re filling in with paint.

sign lettering

Using red and green paint, carefully fill in each letter and watch your DIY handpainted Christmas sign come to life!

christmas sign

Afterwards, I also went back in with some white paint to create small snowflakes in the background.

merry christmas sign final

Display your sign as decor in your home, or give as a gift!

Merry Christmas!

shelly peterson

Saturday 9th of November 2019

What a neat idea. I like how easy this is.


Friday 25th of October 2019

Thanks for sharing this easy diy project! I'm going to try cutting out the stencil using my cricut.


Friday 25th of October 2019

No problem! I'm sure it would look great with a Cricut cut stencil! I'd love to see how it comes out!

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