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Anyone who knows me knows I love to plan for things far in advance. Because of that, calendars are my best friend! From your personal life to your business tasks, staying organized helps in all aspects of your day to day activities.

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When it comes to calendars, I am definitely forever a handwritten paper kind of person. I’ve tried phone apps, online agendas and tons of other scheduling tools but nothing can ever really compare to physically crossing something off of your to do list at the end of each day.

That’s why I wanted to create this simple printable 2020 calendar to share with you all. We may still have a few months left in the year but it’s never too early to start planning!

Free Printable 2020 Calendar

Each month of the calendar is sized to fit on a standard 8.5×11 inch page. You have the option to download the entire year all at once, or one month at a time as you need them.

printable 2020 calendar

Download entire 2020 calendar here.

Download individual months:

Ways to display your calendar

Here are a few ways to use your free printable 2020 calendar:

  • Displaying the calendar on a clipboard. This landscape free standing clipboard is perfect for keeping your calendar handy while at your desk. I love this simple white clipboard. It would look beautiful in any home or work environment.

  • Use a binder ring to keep the calendar together. These binder rings are strong, durable, and the perfect way to keep your calendar pages from getting lost! Just use a hole punch, add the ring and you’re good to go!
  • Hang it on a bulletin board or refrigerator. Perfect for kitchen command stations, simply pinning your calendar to a bulletin board or sticking it to your fridge is a surefire way to keep your whole family organized throughout the year.

2019 will be coming to a close before you know it. Start the new year off on the right foot with this free printable 2020 calendar!


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    Tracie Cooper Reply

    This calendar would be perfect for keeping track of my medical appointments!

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