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14 Free Printable Winter Games and Activities

Winter will be here before you know it! I have rounded up all of our free Winter Printable Games and Activities on one page. From coloring pages, to word searches, I spy games and more, we’ve got everything you need for a fun Winter season!

Free Printable Build a Penguin Craft

printable build a penguin

This free printable Build a Penguin craft is perfect for kids to work on at home or in the classroom. It makes a fun activity to keep everyone entertained and having fun on a cold Winter day.

Download the Build a Penguin Craft.

Free Printable Winter Color by Number Worksheet

free printable winter color by number

When it’s too cold to play outside, this free printable Winter color by number worksheet is a great activity to keep everyone entertained indoors. It is great for both at home or in a classroom setting.

Download the Winter Color by Number Worksheet.

Free Printable Decorate a Sweater Template

free printable christmas sweater template

This free printable sweater template is the perfect jumping off point for so many fun crafts this holiday season. Whether you are in need of a fun craft for the classroom or at home, this sweater template is a great backdrop for a variety of creative projects.

Download the sweater template.

Free Printable Winter Maze

free printable winter maze

This free printable Winter maze is a great activity for kids of all ages to work on during a cold and snowy day indoors. It is not only fun but is also a great way for kids to work on their problem solving and fine motor skills.

Download the Winter maze.

Free Printable Winter I Spy Game

I spy winter

In this free printable Winter I Spy game, you will be searching for nine seasonal images. This is a great activity for kids to work on in the classroom, at a holiday party, or at home during winter break.

Download the Winter I Spy game.

Free Printable Winter Cut and Paste Puzzle

winter cut and paste puzzle

This free printable Winter Cut and Paste Puzzle is the perfect activity to work on when it is too cold to play outside!

This fun puzzle also doubles as a coloring page, which means even more entertainment for those long Winter days.

Download the Winter Cut and Paste Puzzle.

Free Printable How many words can you make out of snowstorm game

how many words can you make out of snowstorm

This free printable How many words can you make out of Snowstorm activityis a fun and challenging Winter themed game. The goal is to try and make as many different words as you can using only the letters found in the word snowstorm.

Download the how many words can you make out of snowstorm game.

Free Printable Winter Word Search

winter word search

This free printable Winter word search would make a great activity to work on in the classroom or during a cold snowy day at home.

Download the winter word search.

Free Printable Winter Word Scramble

winter word scramble

This free printable Winter word scramble features 12 words that you need to try and unscramble. With both long and short words it is sure to be fun and challenging for a wide variety of ages.

Download the winter word scramble.

Free Printable Paper Snowflake Template

paper snowflake template

A fun way to start getting into the holiday spirit is by making your very own DIY decorations. Using free printable paper snowflake templates are a great way to start getting your home, classroom or office all ready for the upcoming holiday season.

Download the paper snowflake template.

Free Printable Outdoor Winter Scavenger Hunt for Kids

winter scavenger hunt

Make walks more fun this Winter by incorporating this free printable winter scavenger hunt. It will make a regular morning or afternoon stroll more exciting and engaging for your kids. Scavenger hunts are also great for helping kids improve their observation skills while of course having fun.

Download the outdoor winter scavenger hunt.

Free Printable Roll a Snowman Game

roll a snowman free printable

This free printable roll a snowman game is perfect activity to keeps the kids entertained inside on a cold snowy day. All you need to play this game is the free printable game board, a dice and a small bowl of M&Ms.

Download the roll a snowman game.

Free Printable Build Your Own Snowman Craft

build your own snowman

This free printable build your own snowman coloring page is the perfect activity to keep the kids entertained and having fun this winter season.

Download the build your own snowman craft.

Free Printable Winter Word Search and Word Scramble

winter word search and word scramble

This free printable Winter word search and word scramble activity page would make a great rainy day activity to entertain your kids. It would also be perfect for a classroom holiday party.

Download the winter word search and word scramble activity page.