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13 Free Printable Connect the Dots Worksheets

Connect the dots worksheets are excellent for kids of all ages. They are not only fun to reveal a picture but are also fantastic for working on counting skills as well as fine motor skills.

After the worksheet has been completed, you can also use art supplies to color everything in for a fun creative piece of artwork worthy of hanging on the fridge!

Free Printable Dog Connect the Dots Worksheet

dog connect the dogs

Follow along from number 1 to 71 to form a cute dog image.

Download the dog worksheet.

Free Printable Cat Connect the Dots Worksheet

cat connect the dots

To create this adorable cat picture, simply count along from number 1 to 68.

Download the cat worksheet.

Free Printable Cow Connect the Dots Worksheet

cow connect the dots

Calling all farm lovers! You can make this cute cow craft by counting along from numbers 1 all the way up to 72.

Download the cow worksheet.

Free Printable Pig Connect the Dots Worksheet

pig connect the dots

Practice counting from 1 to 73 and reveal a cute image of a pig!

Download the pig worksheet.

Free Printable Mermaid Connect the Dots Worksheet

mermaid connect the dots

This beautiful mermaid image can be formed by connecting dots ranging from number 1 to 88!

Download the mermaid worksheet.

Free Printable Fish Connect the Dots Worksheet

connect the dots fish

This cute little fishy is a bit simpler than the rest. Count from number 1 up until 44.

Download the fish worksheet.

Free Printable Frog Connect the Dots Worksheet

frog connect the dots

This frog connect the dots worksheet requires you to count and draw lines from number 1 to 84.

Download the frog worksheet.

Free Printable Turtle Connect the Dots Worksheet

turtle connect the dots

This super cute turtle image will be formed by counting from 1 to 46.

Download the turtle worksheet.

Free Printable Horse Connect the Dots Worksheet

horse connect the dots

Have fun creating this horse image by counting and connecting the dots!

Download the horse worksheet.

Free Printable Monkey Connect the Dots Worksheet

connect the dots monkey worksheet

With our most complicated worksheet, we have this cute monkey featuring the numbers 1-108.

Download the monkey worksheet.

Free Printable Lion Connect the Dots Worksheet

lion connect the dots

Create this cute lion by counting from the number 1 to 94.

Download the lion worksheet.

Free Printable Raccoon Connect the Dots Worksheet

raccoon connect the dots

Have fun with this racoon connect the dots puzzle with numbers ranging from 1-80.

Download the raccoon worksheet.

Free Printable Graduation Connect the Dots Worksheet

graduation connect the dots

This free printable graduation connect the dots worksheet is great for at home or in the classroom. You will have to count all the way from 1 to 66 to reveal this graduation themed image.

Download the graduation worksheet.