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20 Free Printable Easter Games and Activities

Easter is quickly approaching! I have rounded up all of our free Easter Printable Games and Activities on one page. From scavenger hunts, to word searches, I spy games and more, we’ve got everything you need for a fun and festive celebration!

Free Printable Build an Easter Basket Craft

build an easter basket

This free printable build an Easter basket craft is perfect for celebrating the upcoming holiday this Spring. With just the template, some crayons, scissors and glue you can create your very own Easter artwork worthy of hanging on the fridge!

Download the Build an Easter Basket Craft.

Free Printable Hopping Easter Bunny Craft

hopping paper bunny craft

This free printable hopping paper bunny craft is a super fun activity to make with your kids this Spring. Simply follow the steps below and learn how to make this paper craft that bounces like a bunny!

Download the Hopping Bunny Craft.

Free Printable Build a Bunny Craft

free printable build a bunny

This free printable build a bunny coloring page is the perfect activity for kids to work on during an Easter or Spring themed party, or simply something fun to do on an ordinary day at home!

Download the build a bunny craft.

Free Printable Build a Chick Craft

build a chick craft

This free printable build a chick craft is the perfect activity to keep kids entertained this Spring. It is a fun project that requires supplies you most likely already have in the house!

Download the Build a Chick Craft.

Free Printable Easter I Spy Game

free printable easter i spy

Today, I’m happy to share with you this fun free printable Easter I Spy game. This game would be perfect for any holiday classroom party, a rainy day activity, or something to do during a kids’ play date.

Download the Easter I spy game.

Free Printable Easter Crossword Puzzle

easter crossword puzzle

This free printable Easter crossword puzzle features 10 clues that you have to solve to complete the game. It is a great activity for at home, in the classroom or during holiday parties.

Download the Easter crossword puzzle.

Free Printable Easter Word Scramble

bunny easter word scramble

This free printable Easter word scramble would be the perfect activity to play at a holiday party, classroom party or even during a play date.

Download the Easter word scramble.

Free Printable Easter Word Search

easter word search

Get in the Easter spirit with this fun free printable Easter word search game. This activity would be perfect for holiday parties, classroom games or simply something fun to do with your kids on a rainy day.

Download the Easter word search.

Looking for a portable printer?

With the amount of printables that I create, I am always on the lookout for a way to save ink. The A4 thermal printer from Munbyn has been such a lifesaver for me! Not only is this a super cute portable printer but it uses advanced thermal printing technology so that means I never have to remember to order ink!

munbyn portable printer

The printer hooks up to my phone via bloothtooth and all I need to do is import the file I am looking to print into the app and print away! I typically use the letter size fanfold thermal paper, but it also comes with a paper roll that is very convenient for printing on the go.

Free Printable Easter Maze

free printable easter maze

Make your way through this fun maze to reach the chocolate bunny in the center of this free printable Easter maze. Mazes are a simple yet challenging activity that everyone will have a great time working on!

Download the Easter maze.

Free Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt

free printable easter scavenger hunt

This free printable Easter Scavenger Hunt would be perfect to add some extra excitement to Easter morning. Have your kids complete the hunt before being given their baskets from the Easter bunny!

Download the Easter scavenger hunt.

Free Printable Easter Coloring Page

Easter coloring page

Get in the holiday spirit this Spring with this free printable Easter coloring page. Featuring an adorable little bunny sitting next to two Easter eggs, this coloring page is perfect for keeping the kiddos busy and having fun!

Download the Easter coloring page.

Free Printable Easter Scattergories Game

free printable easter scattergories

 This fun free printable Easter Scattergories game is perfect to play during your Easter or Spring themed party this year. I’m sure that everyone will have a blast playing this super fun and fast paced activity.

Download the Instruction Page.

Download the Categories Cards.

Download the Answer Cards.

Free Printable How many words can you make out of Easter Bunny

how many words can you make from easter bunny

This free printable How many words can you make out of Easter Bunny game is a great activity where you try to make as many words as you can, using only the letters found in the words Easter Bunny.

Download the How many words can you make out of Easter Bunny game.

Free Printable Easter Word Jumble

easter word jumble

This free printable Easter Word Jumble game would make a great activity to play at your Easter or Spring themed party this year. It’s challenging, fun and will keep the kids entertained!

Download the Easter word jumble game.

Free Printable Easter Bunny Template

This free printable Easter Bunny template is perfect to use for a wide variety of creative projects.

easter bunny template small pjs and paint

Download the large bunny template.

Download the small bunny template.

Free Printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages

These free printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages are perfect for getting your kids into the holiday spirit this year. I have created 4 different designs in two sizes that are ready for you to download, print and color today! Feel free to get creative and add pom poms, glitter, tissue paper or stamps!

Easter eggs

Download the Easter Egg Coloring Pages.

Free Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt – Version 2

easter scavenger hunt

Make finding their Easter baskets even more fun by having the kids complete this fun Easter scavenger hunt first.

Download the Easter scavenger hunt Version 2.

Free Printable Roll an Easter Egg Game

roll an easter egg free printable

This free printable roll an Easter egg game can be played in the classroom, at home on a rainy day or any other time you need to keep the kids entertained.

Download the Roll an Easter egg game.

Free Printable Easter Bunny Hat

printable easter bunny hat

A fun way to celebrate Easter this year is by coloring and wearing this free printable Easter Bunny Hat. It is an easy and creative activity that kids of all ages can have fun working on. It is great for not only at home but in the classroom as well.

Download the Easter bunny hat.

Free Printable Easter Color by Number Worksheet

easter color by number

This fun free printable Easter color by number worksheet is a great activity for kids to work on before or after their annual Easter egg hunt! It is also a great creative worksheet for the classroom.

Download the Easter color by number worksheet.