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Free Printable Spring Word Search

Spring is almost here! Get more excited about the upcoming warm and sunny weather by working on some fun printable activity! Today, I’m excited to share with you this free printable Spring word search game.

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This past summer I decided that I wanted to start an at home preschool curriculum with my son. My husband and I decided we would send him to in person preschool the following year, but we still wanted to start some type of semi-formal education with him.

A good friend had recommended a preschool curriculum she had found online. I purchased it also and tried to get into teacher mode!

At the beginning, my son and I were both having a lot of fun. Every morning he would be very excited to sit at the dining room table, sing songs, read books and learn whatever was on the agenda for that day.

It only took a few weeks however, for his excitement to wear off and he did not always want to sit and learn with me.

After a while, I started supplementing the curriculum with other activities that he found enjoyable. We also took our lessons outside which definitely helped with his attention span.

spring word search free printable

Download link can be found at the bottom of this post.

Now that it is winter time and we are stuck inside for the most part, I have had to try and think of new ways to entertain him in an educational way. One of these ways has been creating simple word games for him like this word search activity.

At first, I thought that since he cannot yet read, a word search game might be out of the question. But I have found that with my help, it was actually a very successful learning tool.

With very young kids, you can start by having them find the first letter of the word you are searching for. Then you can help them go through the letters next to that first letter and see if it is what you are looking for.

If nothing else, it is a great way to start introducing letters and the very basics of spelling. Sometimes thinking outside of the box can be really fun in terms of finding new and exciting activities that help kids learn!

In this Spring word search game you will be searching for the following twelve Spring themed words below:

  • April
  • Birds
  • Bloom
  • Sunny
  • Butterfly
  • Flowers
  • Garden
  • May
  • Rainbow
  • Spring
  • Sunshine
  • Warm

Words can be found horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards and backwards.

free printable spring word search

Download link can be found at the bottom of this post.

Strategies that may help you solve word searches:

There are a bunch of different techniques you can use to work on word search puzzles. Here are a few of the ones I personally use.

Take a quick glance at the whole puzzle.
Usually, what I’ll do first is very simple. I’ll just take a look at the word search game and see if any words initially pop out at me. This isn’t very unique trick but oftentimes there are at least a few words that I can immediately see jump out

Find the beginning letter.
After I do a quick scan to see if any whole words jump out at me, I will usually choose one word from the word bank and then go row by row to find the first letter. Once I find that letter I look all around it to see if the rest of the word follows. I continue this way until all the words have been found! This may not be the quickest way to search for words, but it definitely works!

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Download the Spring word search.