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8 Free Printable Hanukkah Games and Activities

Hanukkah will be here before you know it! I have rounded up all of our free Hanukkah Printable Games and Activities on one page with easy download links. From coloring pages, to word searches, I spy games and more, we’ve got everything you need for a fun and festive Hanukkah celebration!

1. Free Printable Build a Menorah Craft

build a menorah

This free printable Build a Menorah Craft is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Whether your kids aren’t exactly ready to light the candles themselves, or they just want a festive activity to work on, this project is easy to work and and lots of fun.

Download the build a menorah craft pdf.

2. Free Printable Hanukkah I Spy Game

i spy hanukkah

In this free printable Hanukkah I Spy game, you will be searching for six holiday themed images. This is a great activity for both kids and adults and will be sure to help everyone get more in the holiday spirit this year!

Download the Hanukkah I Spy game pdf.

3. Free Printable Menorah Coloring Page

menorah coloring page

Whether you are looking for a fun coloring page to entertain your kids this holiday season or would like a safe way for them to follow along as you light the candles each night, this free printable menorah is just what you are looking for!

Download the menorah coloring page pdf.

4. Free Printable Dreidel Templates

large dreidel template
small dreidel template

This free printable dreidel template is perfect to get your started on a wide variety of fun projects this holiday season. Whether you would like to use the template as a coloring page or a pattern to trace onto other paper, our large and small dreidels are a great jumping off point for many creative projects.

Download the large dreidel template pdf.

Download the small dreidel template pdf.

hanukkah activity bundle 1

5. Free Printable Hanukkah Maze

hanukkah maze

Make your way through this fun free printable Hanukkah maze to reach the dreidel in the center. Mazes are a great activity for both kids and adults alike to enjoy at home or a holiday party this winter.

Download the Hanukkah maze pdf.

6. Free Printable How many words can you make out of Menorah Game

how many words can you make from menorah

This is a simple, yet challenging activity where you have to try and come up with as many words as you can using only the letters found in the word Menorah.

Download the how many words can you make out of Menorah game pdf.

7. Free Printable Hanukkah Word Scramble

hanukkah word scramble

Have fun trying to unscramble twelve holiday themed words in this Hanukkah word scramble game. With both short and long words, this game is not only fun, but challenging as well! 

Download the Hanukkah word scramble game pdf.

8. Free Printable Hanukkah Word Search

hanukkah word search

In this fun free printable Hanukkah word search game, you will be searching for twelve holiday themed words. Play at your own pace or set a timer with friends and family for a fun and challenging twist!

Download the Hanukkah word search game pdf.