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27 Free Printable Christmas Games and Activities

Christmas will be here before you know it! I have rounded up all of our free Christmas Printable Games and Activities on one page with easy download links. From coloring pages, to word searches, I spy games and more, we’ve got everything you need for a fun and festive Christmas celebration!

Free Printable Christmas Color by Number Worksheet

christmas color by number

Start getting into the holiday spirit with this free printable Christmas color by number worksheet. With only a couple of supplies that you most likely already have lying around the house, it is a great activity for playdates, in the classroom or during parties.

Download the Christmas Color by Number Worksheet.

Free Printable Christmas I Spy Game

I spy christmas

Have fun searching for and counting winter and holiday themed pictures in this free printable Christmas I Spy Game. This I Spy Game is perfect for holiday parties at home or in the classroom. It is also a great festive activity that will keep everyone entertained.

Download the Christmas I Spy Game.

Free Printable Christmas Coloring Page

christmas coloring page

What better way to start getting into the holiday spirit than with this free printable Christmas Coloring Page? This Christmas coloring sheet features a snowman, a Christmas tree, Christmas presents and more this coloring page is great for keeping the kids busy and having fun this holiday season.

Download the Christmas Coloring Page.

Free Printable Build a Christmas Tree Craft

build a christmas tree pjs and paint

This free printable Build a Christmas Tree Craft is a great way for kids to help decorate for the holidays. Whether they are too little to really help decorate the actual Christmas Tree, or you are just looking for a fun seasonal activity to keep them entertained, this craft is so fun and easy to put together for all ages.

Download the Build a Christmas Tree Craft.

Free Printable Christmas Paper Hand Puppets

christmas hand puppets

Christmas will be here before you know it! Start getting into the holiday spirit now by making some of these fun free printable Christmas hand puppets. Featuring Santa, Snowmen and Reindeer, there are plenty of options kids of all ages will enjoy!

Download the Santa Hand Puppet.

Download the Reindeer Hand Puppet.

Download the Snowman Puppet.

Free Printable Build a Santa Craft

free printable build a santa 1

Christmas will be here before you know it! Start getting into the holiday spirit with this free printable build a Santa craft. Simply color in the template, cut out the pieces and build your very own Santa!

Download the Build a Santa Craft.

Free Printable Christmas Paper Chain Templates

christmas paper chain templates

Christmas paper chains are so much fun to make and are an easy Christmas craft that the whole family will enjoy. These paper chains also double as a fun DIY holiday garland decoration.

Download the Christmas Paper Chain Templates.

Free Printable Christmas Activity and Coloring Book

christmas activity booklet thumbnail

This free printable Christmas activity and coloring book makes a great way to keep the kids entertained this holiday season. Set out a container of markers or crayons on a table along with the assembled booklets and kids can enjoy 10 fun Christmas themed activities and coloring pages.

Download the Christmas Activity and Coloring Book.

Free Printable 3D Gingerbread House

gingerbread house printable

As delicious and entertaining as it is to make gingerbread houses, they can quickly get pretty messy, especially when you’ve got kids around. This free printable 3D gingerbread house coloring page is a great alternative to the traditional gingerbread house and still incorporates lots of creativity and fun.

Download the 3D Gingerbread House Template.

Free Printable Build an Elf Craft

build an elf printable

This free printable build an elf craft is the perfect way to get your kids into the Christmas spirit and excited about the upcoming holiday season. With minimal supplies, they can have a ton of fun creating their very own elf!

Download the Build an Elf Craft.

Free Printable Christmas Bingo

Christmas bingo thumbnail

Enjoy a fun game of bingo at home or in the classroom with this free printable Christmas bingo game for kids. Featuring images like Santa, elves and gifts, this activity will surely get everyone in a festive spirit this upcoming holiday season.

Download the Christmas Bingo Cards.

Free Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt

christmas scavenger hunt

This free printable Christmas scavenger hunt is a great way to keep your kids entertained this holiday season. It includes eight simple to solve clues which make it perfect for an indoor game.

Download the Christmas Scavenger Hunt.

Free Printable Gingerbread Man Template

Use this free printable gingerbread man template for tons of fun holiday themed crafts this upcoming winter season. Whether you use it as a coloring page, a stencil, wall decoration or something totally different, this template will give your winter project great place to start.

gingerbread man template large
gingerbread man template small

Download the Large Gingerbread Man Template.

Download the Small Gingerbread Man Template.

Free Printable Christmas Maze

christmas maze free printable

Today I wanted to share the fun free printable Christmas maze. Find your way though this holiday themed maze to reach Santa Claus in the center!

Download the Christmas Maze.

Free Printable How Many Words Can You Make Out of Christmas Game

how many words can you make from christmas

Maybe you’re looking for a fun activity to entertain your family while cooking Christmas dinner this year. Or maybe you are in need of a holiday themed game to keep the kids out of trouble! Whatever the case, this free printable How many words can you make from Christmas game is just what you are looking for!

Download the How many words can you make out of Christmas game.

Free Printable Decorate a Christmas Sweater Template

free printable christmas sweater template

This free printable Christmas sweater template is the perfect jumping off point for so many fun crafts this holiday season. Whether you are in need of a fun craft for the classroom or at home, this sweater template is a great backdrop for a variety of creative projects.

Download the Christmas Sweater Template.

Free Printable Christmas Scattergories

christmas scattergories

Having fun and spending time with friends and family is really what the holiday season is all about. And that is why I have designed this free printable Christmas Scattergories game. I’m sure that everyone will have a blast playing this super fun and fast paced Christmas themed activity.

Download the Christmas Scattergories Instructions.

Download the Christmas Scattergories Categories Cards.

Download the Christmas Scattergories Answer Cards.

Free Printable Roll a Christmas Tree Game

roll a christmas tree

In this game, each player will need a printable game board. Roll one dice and use the key to determine which color M&M should be placed on the Christmas tree. Keep rolling the dice until the entire tree is filled with the correct colors. When the game is over, you can eat all of the M&Ms!

Download the Roll a Christmas Tree Game.

Free Printable Christmas ABC Game

christmas abc game

This free printable Christmas ABC game is a fun activity to get kids into the holiday spirit.

Download the Christmas ABC Game.

Free Printable Christmas Activity Placemat

8.5x11 christmas placemat

Print out a placemat for each child that will be attending your Christmas dinner or holiday party. You can keep a few cups of markers or crayons on the table and everyone will have a blast!

Download the Christmas Activity Placemat.

Free Printable Christmas Word Search

christmas word search printable

This free printable Christmas word search would make a great activity to entertain the kids and get them excited for the holiday season! It would also be the perfect game to play at a classroom holiday party.

Download the Christmas Word Search.

Free Printable Christmas Word Scramble

christmas word scramble

In this game, you will be trying to unscramble 12 Christmas themed words. Set a timer to add a bit of competition!

Download the Christmas Word Scramble.

Free Printable Christmas Light Template

christmas light

Whether you would like to use it as a coloring page or create a wide variety of crafts, this Christmas light template will be a great addition to your holiday projects this upcoming winter.

Download the Large Christmas Light Template.

Download the Small Christmas Light Template.

Free Printable Christmas Crossword Puzzle

christmas crossword puzzle

This holiday themed game features 14 clues to help you fill in the puzzle. It is the perfect activity for at home, in the classroom, during a holiday party or just a rainy day in December.

Download the Christmas crossword puzzle.

Free Printable Build a Reindeer Craft

build a reindeer

This free printable build a reindeer craft is the perfect activity of the upcoming Christmas season. Simply color in the shapes, cut them out and then assemble to create your very own reindeer. Christmas will be here before you know it! It’s never too early to start getting into the holiday spirit!

Download the Build a Reindeer Craft.

Free Printable DIY Photo Ornaments

three photo ornament

These free printable DIY Photo ornaments are perfect for kids to create this holiday season. All you need is one of the templates, some crayons, a photo and a piece of ribbon. These ornaments make a great craft to work on during a holiday party or as a last minute gift for grandparents.

Download the Santa Ornament.

Download the Snowman Ornament.

Download the Gingerbread Ornament.

Free Printable Build a Gingerbread Man Craft

build a gingerbread man

This free printable build a gingerbread man craft is perfect for keeping the kids entertained after school, at a holiday party or in the classroom.

Download the build your gingerbread man craft.