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Free Printable Wedding Activity and Coloring Book for Kids

This free printable wedding activity and coloring book is a simple and fun way to keep kids entertained at a wedding without breaking the bank!

Simply print out the booklets, assemble and place a stack of them near some crayons and kids of all ages can enjoy.

The free version of this wedding activity book is not editable. If you would like to personalize the book with the couple’s name and wedding date, feel free to check out this listing.

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When I got married, the venue took care of almost all of the details for me which was great! They seemed to think of everything that we needed and had solutions for them.

However, not everyone chooses to have their wedding at a venue and some opt for other locations that require a lot more planning on the couples end.

If you are having a backyard wedding for example, you might need to think of a way to keep the kids that will be attending entertained.

This free printable wedding activity and coloring book for kids is an easy and super affordable way to keep the children entertained and having fun when they are not on the dance floor!

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What is included in this activity booklet:

  • Front cover and back page
  • Wedding I Spy
    Search of 8 wedding themed images in this I spy game.
  • Tic Tac Toe
    This page features 5 tic tac toe boards to play with friends and family.
  • Wedding Maze
    Make your way through the maze to reach the wedding cake in the center.
  • Draw the couple
    In the box provided, draw a picture of the newly married couple.
  • Wedding Word Scramble
    Have fun unscrambling these twelve wedding themed words.
  • Match the Hearts
    Draw a line to each pair of matching hearts
  • Circle the Number
    Count the images and then circle the correct number
  • Connect the Dots
    Connect the dots to form a picture
  • Decorate the Cake
    Use crayons to color and decorate the wedding cake

Free Printable Wedding Activity and Coloring Book for Kids

This activity book is designed to be printed onto 3 or 6 pieces of 8.5×11 inch printer paper or cardstock.

You can print one sided and use 6 pieces of paper, or use 3 pages and print double sided.

If you are interested in customizing the cover to include the couple’s names and wedding date, check out the editable version at the bottom of this post.

How to print and assemble the activity book

Printing double sided
Print out 3 pages of the booklet and then place those pages back in the printer and print out the second 3 pages on the back.

Stack the pages together making sure that the cover is on the front, fold the booklet and then staple the edge.

I would highly recommend doing a test run first to make sure the pages are inserted correctly before printing a bunch of books.

Printing single sided
Another option would be to print out all 6 pages, stack them together, fold and staple.

With this option, the backs of each activity will be blank. This might be a good option if you wanted to include more coloring space for the kids to create their own artwork and doodles.

Add the couples name and wedding date to the cover

The free printable wedding activity and coloring book is not editable. If you would like to personalize your books you can check out this editable version.

After downloading the editable version, open up the pdf in Adobe Acrobat. Simply double click on the text box that says “Name & Name, Date of Wedding,” and type in your custom text.

From here you can save and print your personalized booklets.

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Download Links:

Download the free printable wedding activity and coloring book.

Download the wedding activity and coloring book with customizable cover.


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