Are you planning a baby shower? Trying to save some money? DIY baby shower decorations are totally the way to go! They are completely customizable to whatever theme you’re going with and also so much fun to put together!

I’ve created a bunch of free printable baby shower templates to get you started on your custom decorations. There are two different size patterns, depending on your project. I’d suggest using the large templates for hanging banners. The small templates would be perfect for either mini banners or cupcake toppers.

Today’s pattern is this adorable onesie template!

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baby boy onesie template

onesie template

Large Onesie Template

Below is the large onesie template. The pdf template is sized to fit an 8.5×11 inch piece of paper. The onesie measures approximately 8 inches tall. The bow tie and heart are both about 3 inches wide.

Download large template

How to use the template to create a hanging banner:

Print out the pattern on standard size 8.5×11 inch paper. If you have cardstock on hand, that would definitely be ideal! Cut out the template with scissors and then place the pattern on top of colored cardstock or scrapbooking paper. Here are a few really cute paper options:

Use a pencil to trace the pattern on the colored or patterned paper. I’d recommend tracing on the back of the paper there’s no chance of seeing any pencil lines if you don’t cut the onesie out perfectly. Alternatively, if you have 8.5×11 inch cardstock or scrapbooking paper you could also print the template directly onto the paper and cut from there instead to make it a bit easier!

Next take another piece of cardstock or scrapbooking paper that contrasts the color/pattern on the onesie. Trace either the bow tie or heart template. After cutting the bow tie or heart out, use a glue stick to adhere it to the onesie.

Repeat as many times as needed, using a variety of colors and patterns for a fun look! You can hang the banner with some string or twine and standard size or mini size clothespins.


Mini Onesie Template

Below is the small onesie template. The pdf template is sized to fit an 8.5×11 inch piece of paper. Each onesie measures approximately 3 inches wide.

Download small template

How to use the small template for cupcake toppers:

Print and cut out the pattern for the mini onesies. Trace the template on pretty cardstock. If you have 8.5×11 inch paper you could also just print out the mini onesies directly on the paper and cut from there instead. I’m loving these patterns:

After the onesies are cut out, tape toothpicks or small lollipop sticks to the back and stick into the tops of the cupcakes. Try mixing and matching different colors and patterns for a fun look.

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