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Free Printable Christmas Activity and Coloring Book

This free printable Christmas activity and coloring book makes a great way to keep the kids entertained this holiday season.

Set out a container of markers or crayons on a table along with the assembled booklets and kids can enjoy 10 fun Christmas themed activities and coloring pages.

free printable coloring activity and coloring book

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Christmas activity book 2
Christmas activity 3

What is included in this activity and coloring book?

  • Match the pictures
    Draw a line to each pair of matching pictures.
  • Christmas word search
    Search for 10 Christmas themed words in this word search puzzle.
  • Draw your family
    In the box provided, draw a picture of your family.
  • Christmas maze
    Make your way through the maze to reach the gingerbread man in the center.
  • Decorate the Christmas tree
    Decorate a Christmas tree with ornaments, lights and other fun decorations
  • Tic Tac Toe
    Five tic tac toe games to play.
  • Circle the number
    Count the images and circle the correct number below.
  • Connect the dots
    Connect the dots in numerical order to form a picture.
  • Christmas I spy
    Count how many of each Christmas themed items you see and write the correct number on the lines below.
  • Decorate the cookies
    Draw decorations on the three cookies.
Christmas activity book 5

Free Printable Christmas Activity and Coloring Book for Kids

This activity and coloring book was created to be printed onto 3 or 6 pieces of 8.5×11 inch white printer paper or cardstock.

You can either print one sided and use 6 pieces of paper or you can use 3 pages and print double sided.

Christmas activity book 4

How to download, print and assemble the booklet

How to print out the activity book double sided:

First, print out the first 3 pages of the pdf and then put those pages back in the printer and print out the second 3 pages of the pdf on the back of the pages.

How to print the activity book single sided:

You can also print out the pages individually and use 6 sheets of paper. Once printed, stack them together, making sure the cover page is on top, fold in half and then staple the edge.

Christmas activity book 1

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Thursday 8th of December 2022

I absolutely LOOOVE your website.. My kids always want to and love to print out all your fun pages.. We have so much fun it's just undescribable.. Thank you!! ❤️

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