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15 Free Printable Graduation Games and Activities

Graduation time will be here before you know it! I have rounded up all of our free Graduation themed printable games and activities on one page. From word searches to I Spy games, decoration ideas and more, we’ve got everything for a fun graduation season.

Free Printable Graduation I Spy Game

graduation i spy game

Graduation season is almost here! Celebrate all of your accomplishments by working on this free printable Graduation I Spy Game. It is great for kids of all ages. Not only is this a fun activity but an educational one as well.

Kids can improve their counting skills by searching for and counting the 8 different graduation themed images on the worksheet.

Download the Graduation I Spy Game.

Free Printable Graduation Word Search

graduation word search

Games are a great ice breaker to get guests talking at a graduation party. Today, I’m excited to share this free printable Graduation word search game.

There are fifteen words you will be searching for in this puzzle. Words can be found forwards, backwards, horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Download the graduation word search.

Free Printable Graduation Word Scramble

graduation word scramble

This free printable Graduation word scramble game is a fun and challenging way to keep both kids at adults entertained during your graduation party. It features twelve graduation and education themed words to try and unscramble.

Download the graduation word scramble.

Free Printable Graduation ABC Game

graduation abc game

This free printable graduation ABC game is a fun and challenging game that is great for both kids and adults. The goal is to fill in each space with a school related item that begins with that letter.

Download the graduation ABC game.

graduation bundle 1

Free Printable Graduation Scattergories

graduation scattergories

This free printable graduation scattergories game is perfect for entertaining guests at a graduation party this year.

Download the graduation scattergories.

Free Printable Graduation Coloring Page

graduation coloring page

This free printable graduation coloring page features education themed images such as a graduation cap, a diploma, and apple and more. It is great for the classroom, at home, in a library setting and more!

Download the graduation coloring page.

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munbyn portable wireless printer

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Free Printable Graduation Placemat

graduation placemat

This free printable graduation placemat is perfect for graduation parties at home or in the classroom. It is perfect for placing on a table with some crayons to keep your kids and students entertained.

Download the graduation placemat.

Free Printable Well Wishes and Advice for the Graduate Cards

wishes and advice for the graduate

Give the recent graduate some well wishes and words of wisdom by writing your thoughts and inspiration down on these free printable wishes and advice for the graduate cards.

Download the wishes and advice for the graduate cards.

Free Printable Build an Apple Graduation Sign Craft

build an apple graduation sign

This free printable build an apple graduation sign is a unique craft that is perfect for celebrating little graduates. Simply color in the shapes, cut them out and glue everything together to form a fun graduation sign customizable with your child or students name.

Download the build an apple graduation sign craft.

Free Printable How many words can you make out of Graduation game

how many words can you make out of graduation

At the top of the page there will be a word or short combination of words. In this case, the word is “Graduation.”

Using only the letters G,R,A,D,U,A,T,I,O,N, you have to see how many different words you can make using each letter only once.

Download the How many words can you make out of graduation game.

Free Printable How well do you know the graduate game

how well do you know the graduate

This free printable how well do you know the graduate game features twelve questions you have to answer about the new graduate. It is a great ice breaker to play at graduation parties that everyone will be sure to enjoy!

Download the how well do you know the graduate game.

Free Printable Graduation Cap Template

graduation cap large
graduation cap small

If you are currently planning a graduation party or just want some fun decor to celebrate your grad at home, then you are in the right place! Today, I’m happy to share with you these free printable graduation cap templates that you can use for a wide variety of fun projects.

Download the large graduation cap template.
Download the small graduation cap template.

Free Printable Graduation Maze

graduation maze

This free printable graduation maze is fun for both kids and adults. You will have to find your way through the maze to reach the graduation cap in the center.

Download the graduation maze.

Free Printable Graduation Connect the Dots Worksheet

graduation connect the dots

This free printable graduation connect the dots worksheet is great for at home or in the classroom. You will have to count all the way from 1 to 66 to reveal this graduation themed image.

Download the graduation connect the dots worksheet.

Free Printable Graduation Apple Puppet

apple graduation puppet

This adorable free printable apple paper puppet is perfect for graduation season. It features a cute apple wearing a graduation cap and once assembled can open and close it’s mouth!

Download the graduation apple puppet.