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Free Printable Thanksgiving Gift Tags – 3 Designs

These free printable Thanksgiving gift tags will make the perfect addition to your holiday gift giving this year.

Whether you are gifting homemade cookies, freshly baked bread, or a local jar of honey, adding one of these beautiful tags will most definitely make your gift look even more professional and thoughtful.

I have been self employed and working from home for the past seven years now, crazy how time flies! It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in a college classroom

Anyway, being that I don’t have any co workers, I don’t have the opportunity to give any holiday gifts to my work friends. However, when I was working at an office, years ago I loved to give a few small gifts to the girls I worked with, especially around the holidays. And I definitely had that in mind while I was creating these free printable Thanksgiving gift tags.

When giving gifts to a larger group of people, or just someone that you may not know all that well, it can be hard to figure out what to buy or make for them. Sometimes generic gifts are just the way to go. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a littler personal touch to them!

Giving someone a box of cookies, for example, is a very sweet (get the pun?! Oh no, my husband’s dad jokes are starting to rub off on me) gesture. And I mean, who wouldn’t love to receive a whole bunch of tasty delicious treats! But what makes your box of cookies stand out from the same one tons of other people have picked up at the store? Personalized gift tags!

Adding a personal gift tag to any type of gift will show the recipient that you put a little extra thought into what they are receiving. It shows gratitude and that you are thankful for them being a part of your life. And giving thanks is truly what this time of year is all about.

3 free printable thanksgiving gift tags pinterest

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Gift Tags

I’ve designed three “So Very Thankful For You” tags that are completely free to download and print as many times as you’d like. They are also editable at the bottom so you can include your name or a short message.

Alternatively, you can choose not to add any text as just print them as is. Sometimes I think that adding  a handwritten element to a gift, can really make all the difference. There is nothing quite like a signature or a sweet handwritten message.

How to add your own text to the gift tags:

First you will want to download the pdf of whichever design you would like to use. Feel free to use all three designs for some variety amongst your gifts!

Once downloaded, you can open up the pdf in Adobe Acrobat. There, you will see blue highlighted text boxes. Simply type in your name or a short message into the text boxes. The text will remain highlighted in blue but will not print any blue.

From there, you can print your customized gift tags and trim with scissors or a paper cutter. This is the paper cutter that I currently have at my work desk. I can definitely recommend it, as it really gets a good workout on a daily basis!

Use a hole punch to punch a hole at the top of the tags and tie to your gift with ribbon, string or twine.

Please note: Feel free to download and print as many gift tags as you would like. However, please do not redistribute or sell the tags in any way. These Thanksgiving gift tags were intended for personal use only.

Gift Tag Design #1

These gift tags feature a beautiful orange watercolor wreath. 8 tags will print per 8.5×11 inch page. Once trimmed, the tags will measure 2×3 inches. I would highly recommend printing on white cardstock for the best quality.

printable thanksgiving gift tagsthankful for you tags

Download Thanksgiving Gift Tag Design #1 Here.

Gift Tag Design #2

These gift tags feature the phrase “So Very Thankful For You” and a sweet heart design at the bottom. 8 tags will print per 8.5×11 inch page. After printing, you can cut out the tags using scissors or a paper cutter. The trimmed tags will measure 2×3 inches. Printing on white cardstock is definitely recommended for the highest quality.

thanksgiving tags 2

thanksgiving gift tags

Download Thanksgiving Gift Tag Design #2 Here.

Gift Tag Design #3

12 square gift tags will print per 8.5×11 inch page. For the best quality, I would recommend printing on white cardstock. Once printed, the tags will measure 2.5×2.5 inches.

mockup 3printable thanksgiving gift tags

Download Thanksgiving Gift Tag Design #3 Here.

Adding these free printable Thanksgiving gift tags to your gifts this year will add the personal and thoughtful touch that the holiday is truly all about.

Did you include these tags in your gift wrapping this Thanksgiving? I’d love to see it! Be sure to tag me at @pjsandpaint on Instagram if you post any pictures!

Planning on bringing a bottle of wine to your friends or family’s Thanksgiving dinner this year? Don’t forget to personalize that as well!

Whether you are visiting in laws this Thanksgiving, staying with your own family, or celebrating with friends, the host or hostess will most definitely enjoy receiving a gift or two from their guests.

It can be difficult to figure out what to give at a Thanksgiving dinner party. You could bring some food or dessert (but I’m sure there will already be an over abundance of that!), a potted plant or flowers, or my personal favorite to receive myself, a nice bottle of wine!

And so that is why I wanted to create these free printable Thanksgiving wine bottle labels. Click here to continue reading the full blog post.

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Tuesday 5th of November 2019

These are so nice! And I was just starting to think of how I will package homemade gifts for the holidays - perfect! Even a humble wrapping will be special with these adorable gift tags!


Tuesday 5th of November 2019

Thanks! And yes! Gift tags can really make a big difference!