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Michaels giftcard giveaway

****Giveaway has ended. Congrats to the winner Cindi! A big thank you to everyone who entered! I cannot believe we had over 5100 entries!****


I walked into Michaels Craft store today and was blown away to see all of the Christmas decor on full display. Halloween hasn’t even passed yet!

As I was walking up and down the aisles looking at all the festive decorations and craft supplies I couldn’t help but think of how much I would LOVE a guilt free shopping spree right now.

That’s when I decided that I’m sure some of my blog readers would feel the same way. So to get everyone in the holiday crafting spirit, Pjs and Paint is sponsoring a $100 Michaels Gift Card Giveaway!

The giveaway will run from now until November 14th. On November 15th the winner will be announced on the blog, Facebook and Instagram and Twitter.

There are multiple ways to enter and chances for you to earn more entries every single day! Good luck everyone!

**This giveaway is not sponsored by Michaels. I just LOVE the store and figured my readers probably do too!**

Enter to win a $100 Michaels Gift Card!

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  1. Avatar

    I would buy cake and food craft decorating supplies, drawing supplies and of course perler beads because those are my favorite craft item.

    • Avatar

      Sounds great! I totally forgot about perler beads! I used to love those as a kid!

    • Avatar

      I would buy lots of cross stitch kits, that’s my favorite craft to do.

    • Avatar

      I would love to win this Michael’s gift card so I could buy knitting supplies for my volunteer group who is making chemo caps for cancer patients. Thank you for the chance to win!

    • Avatar
      Yesim Akkaya Reply

      I would buy lots of birthday decorations for my son’s upcoming first birthday!

  2. Avatar

    Our daughters are learning to sew and cross stitch, so it would most likely go towards that.

  3. Avatar

    Would get some cards for the holidays, and some clips and supplies to repair the curtains.

    • Avatar

      That’s a great idea. Definitely almost time to start thinking about sending out holiday cards.

  4. Avatar
    Yesenia Aguilar Reply

    I would love to win because my kids love Michaels it’s there favorite store for art or craft it would be great and fun I could buy them what they need . Thank you 😊

  5. Avatar

    I would use the gift card to buy a bunch of frames for my artwork!

  6. Avatar

    I would buy supplies for my sons holiday party at school and for us to be able to some holiday crafts at home

  7. Avatar

    I would buy some new frames to frame some pictures of my little one!

  8. Avatar

    I would maybe buy christmas present, crafts to make decor, beads, faux leather or necklace kits.

  9. Avatar

    I would buy Holiday items to make and put on my Fireplace mantel. So many gorgeous Holiday items to choose from!

  10. Avatar

    A few new sewing accessories as i got back into this sewing hobby of mine n need new gear.

  11. Avatar

    I would buy art supplies for me and my kids. You can never have too many art supplies in our house.

  12. Avatar

    I would be so happy if I won this gift card! I would buy baking materials and crafting for the kiddos. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  13. Avatar

    I would buy specialty paper, ribbon and paint for our Christmas craft gifts this year!

  14. Avatar
    Alison Braidwood Reply

    I’d probably buy craft paper and watercolour paints.

  15. Avatar

    Probably some of their Fall decor! I just saw where they have a lot marked down to 70% off. Such a generous giveaway, thank you for offering this. 🙂

  16. Avatar

    My daughter and I love doing crafts together so I’d buy new supplies

  17. Avatar

    I would buy yarn for my crocheting, and paints for all my nieces and nephews.

  18. Avatar

    I would buy a pile of stuff to make christmas crafts with my kids.

  19. Avatar

    I would buy material for my daughter for a Christmas gift, she is an avid sewer.

  20. Avatar
    Elizabeth Matthiesen Reply

    I’d buy embroidery silks and patterns and wool for knitting too. 🙂

  21. Avatar

    If I won the gift card, I would purchase Christmas decorations including a few gingerbread houses so our family could decorate them together.

  22. Avatar

    I would buy some wool and craft supplies! I love doing craft with my granddaughters.

  23. Avatar

    I love the Home Decor section at Michael’s, so I would buy some of that and some scrapbook paper.

  24. Avatar

    I would purchase crafts and paints for our kids. Arts and crafts are a very big deal to us we love being creative !

  25. Avatar

    I give it to my daughter in law to spend as she is the crafty one

  26. Avatar
    Rosanne Robinson Reply

    I would buy supplies for seasonal door wreaths at Michael’s if I’m the lucky winner.

  27. Avatar
    Darren Scrubb Reply

    I would buy the -Bead Landing™ Brass Mallet -Beadalon® MultiPliers with Chain & Round Nose

    and the – Beadalon® MultiPliers with Chain & Round Nose .

  28. Avatar
    Janice Cooper Reply

    I would buy holiday decor, crafts and gifts for Christmas. This would be such a blessing to win.

  29. Avatar
    Sarah Cool Reply

    If I won I would buy bath bomb ingredients I’ve been really into making the copycat lush bath bombs lately and they make adorable gifts

  30. Avatar
    Kim Pincombe-Cole Reply

    If I won, I’d stock up on holiday wrapping & ribbons plus new holiday decor!

  31. Avatar

    Crafts! Winters get long in MN and I need something to occupy my time. 😉

  32. Avatar

    I could use some art supplies like paint and some picture frames.

  33. Avatar
    Sarah letendre Reply

    If I won I’d like to buy some supplies to make wreaths and hopefully squeeze in a small dragon action figure for my daughter ( she loves those dragons they sell )

  34. Avatar
    Nancy Bowers Reply

    My grandsons would go crazy buying chenille sticks and other craft items.

  35. Avatar

    I would buy some wilton products, cake pans, food coloring, sprinkles so I could bake up a storm for Thanksgiving and Christmas

  36. Avatar
    Deb Pelletier Reply

    May be some Christmas gifts , or I could make some gifts.

  37. Avatar

    If I won a hundred dollars from Micheals i would buy yarn to crochet and knit this winter.

  38. Avatar

    I would buy crafting supplies for when I babysit my niece and nephew.

  39. Avatar
    Robyn Bellefleur Reply

    I would buy a new glue gun since mine just recently broke and also get some wooden picture frames for a home project.

  40. Avatar

    I would use it to get more knitting supplies so I can teach my daughters to knit this winter!!

  41. Avatar

    I would buy some Christmas decor for our first Christmas in our new home. It will be here before we know it and I get googly eyed looking at all the nice decor at Micheals!

  42. Avatar
    Gina Freire Reply

    If I am the winner of Michaels Gift Card, I’d buy a huge painting set.

  43. Avatar

    Winning a gift card would be a blessing. I’m stuck at home with a chronic illness and I’m unable to work and I’m bored.. I’m teaching myself to sew and quilt and crochet. I miss being creative.

  44. Avatar
    Allyson Tice Reply

    if i won, i would buy new vinyl and iron on for my cricuit!

  45. Avatar

    I would buy materials to make as gifts for Christmas for friends.

  46. Avatar
    Jessica Staley Reply

    I would give the gift card to my niece. She is taking art classes and this would help her out with purchasing her are supplies.

  47. Avatar
    Tami Vollenweider Reply

    I love baking and I could use some new cookie sheets!

  48. Avatar
    Terry Poage Reply

    I love Michael’s. I get pictures framed there when I have the money.

  49. Avatar
    Nicole Zerbini Reply

    I would love to buy some Christmas decor for my new home.

  50. Avatar
    Melanie Borhi Reply

    Christmas festival flower arrangement and decor for around the house.

  51. Avatar
    Gina Malone Reply

    I have a preschooler who loooves arts and crafts, so I’m sure I would spend a lot of it on him!

  52. Avatar

    I would buy yarn to crochet Christmas stockings for our family!

  53. Avatar

    If I were to win, I would buy craft items to make Christmas tree decorations. My decoration collection, needs some fresh touch ups.

  54. Avatar

    Christmas craft for my granddaughters to do when they visit us.

  55. Avatar
    Jessica Walker Reply

    I would buy Christmas presents for my daughters if I won.

  56. Avatar
    Holly Storm Reply

    I would gift it to my BFF who loves to craft and has 2 little ones. I know they would have a blast coming up with new projects!!!

  57. Avatar
    Minta Boggs Reply

    I would use this on me because I love making crafts! I would buy me some alcohol ink so I can make some jewelry.

  58. Avatar

    Michaels has the most gorgeous holiday wreaths so I would treat myself this Christmas season & make my doorway a beautiful celebration of the season!

  59. Avatar
    Laurie Nykaza Reply

    I love buying items for embroidery when we shop there. I like buying their scrapbooking items too.

  60. Avatar

    I’d give it to my hubby to use on his hobby of making miniature scenes for his battle board games

  61. Avatar

    this would be for my little niece she loves crafts she would have so much fun picking things out

  62. Avatar
    Dianna l Thomas Reply

    I would get a few baking aides and a couple pre-school art boxes and a couple baskets.

  63. Avatar
    Marissa Buffett Reply

    I would buy some paints for my daughter, crafts for my sons, and some wax bars and christmas decorations for myself 🙂

  64. Avatar
    Sandra Dufoe Reply

    I would buy lots of craft items for when my granddaughter comes to visit that is our fun we have together just the two of us.

  65. Avatar
    LeAnn Harbert Reply

    I will get some cake baking supplies to make cakes and cupcakes with my granddaughters.

  66. Avatar

    I would get some Sizzix dies, stamps and beads. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  67. Avatar

    I would buy supplies to make my own DIY Christmas decor!

  68. Avatar
    Teresa D Kunberger Reply

    I would buy some more crafts for our family night craft box!

  69. Avatar
    Dana Rodriguez Reply

    I would buy counted cross stitch supplies and Christmas items!

  70. Avatar
    Maegan Morin Reply

    I would probably buy myself some new acrylic paints and christmas decorations

  71. Avatar

    I’m not sure, Micheals is one of those stores where I walk around and pick up what catches my eye…more than likely I would buy some organizational items, picture frames and/or holiday decorations.

  72. Avatar
    Terra Heck Reply

    I’d use it to purchase acrylic paints and canvas. Thanks.

  73. Avatar
    Elizabeth miller Reply

    Every year since my teen was little, we have always made crafts for her to give people for presents. She always finds the crafts she wants to make and we get it all and make it. Now that she’s a little older they are getting more involved. This year she wants to make wreaths for everyone and bears for her nieces and nephews. I would use the card for her to get the supplies she needs.

  74. Avatar

    I would use the gift card to buy my kids some fun crafts and art supplies!

  75. Avatar

    I would let my daughter go crazy with stuff for craft projects for when her and I spend time together indoors this winter.

  76. Avatar

    I would buy some holiday decorations and craft and art supplies for my daughter.

  77. Avatar

    I would love to buy some stuff to help me decorate for the upcoming holidays.

  78. Avatar

    I would love to gift this to my sister. She would probably get some material for sewing and some craft projects for Christmas.

  79. Avatar
    Diane Estrella Reply

    I would give it to my daughter to buy art supplies!

  80. Avatar
    Sandra Preti Reply

    I would buy scrapbooking supplies and paints and baking supplies.

  81. Avatar
    Stephanie LaPlante Reply

    I would buy picture frames, Christmas decorations and craft supplies.

  82. Avatar
    Alecia Gibson Reply

    I would probably use it to buy storage shelves or containers to hold and organize all of my craft supplies. I bought a set of storage drawers from Michaels last spring that I love and I would like to get another set or two (I think I paid $50 for them).

  83. Avatar
    Rebecca Weiss Reply

    I would love to buy some Christmas garlands for my new house. My girls also love crafting supplies.

  84. Avatar
    Amanda Whitley Reply

    i would buy crafts to do with my kids. we love to paint and me and my daughter love to make jewelry.

  85. Avatar

    If i won I would buy christmas decorations and some cricut products 🙂

  86. Avatar
    Tracy Robertson Reply

    I would buy my Christmas decorations and gift wrap. They have the best of those things!

  87. Avatar
    Trisha Musgrave Reply

    I would buy a tree and if I had any leftover I would get a few presents!

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