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Popsicle Stick Bumble Bee Craft

This popsicle stick bumble bee craft is a perfect Summer activity for the kids! Whether it’s a rainy day or you just need a break from the heat, this craft is easy to put together and pretty adorable!

easy popsicle stick bumble bee craft

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I absolutely love popsicle stick crafts. There are so many different projects you can create with them and they are perfect for kids of all ages. (And adults too!)

Recently, I was walking around my local craft store and came across mini popsicle sticks. For some reason I have never seen them before and was super excited to buy some and figure out a craft to make with them.

The first project I decided to make was this popsicle stick bumble bee craft. Afterwards I glued a magnet on the back and it now lives on our fridge to hold up the kids’ artwork.

Supplies needed to make one popsicle stick bumble bee:

back of bee craft

Step 1: Make the popsicle stick base.

Line up seven mini popsicle sticks in a row. Using glue, place the eighth popsicle stick on top of the row to secure everything in place.

painting bee

Step 2: Paint the bumble bee stripes.

Once the popsicle stick base is completely dried, flip it over and begin painting the bumble bee’s stripes. Alternate using black and yellow paint. For mine, I used acrylic paint.

pipe cleaner bee

Step 3: Make the antennae.

Cut one black pipe cleaner in half. Next, fold the pipe cleaner and twist to form a “V” shape. Glue the pipe cleaner to the back of the popsicle stick base to form the bee’s antenna.

Step 4: Create the bee’s face.

Glue two googly eyes onto the bee’s face and then use a black marker to draw on a smiling mouth.

popsicle stick bee craft

Step 5: Add a magnet to the back. (Optional)

This step is completely optional. If you would like to turn your bee craft into a fun decoration, you can add a magnet to the back.

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