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8 Free Santa Printables

From signed gift tags to nice list certificates, door hangers and more, these Free Santa Printables will help to make your kids’ Christmas extra magical this year.

Free Printable Santa’s Nice List Certificate

nice list certificate

Sending kids this nice list certificate is a great way to encourage them to keep up the good behavior they have been exhibiting this year. It can also be a nice little reward to let them know that they have been doing a good job and that the big guy has taken notice.

Download the Nice List Certificate.

Free Printable Santa’s Naughty List Certificate

naughty list

For those who need some encouragement to be on their best behavior for the remainder of the year, you might like to take advantage of our free printable Santa’s Naughty List Certificate.

Whether your kids need a little reminder to behave a bit better at home, or would just like to use it as a gag gift for friends, family members or coworkers, this template is perfect for just that!

Download the Naughty List Certificate.

Free Printable Santa Stop Here Door Hanger

santa door hanger

Are your kids afraid that Santa won’t know where to drop off presents for them this year? Maybe you won’t be home for the holidays or maybe they just want to be really sure Santa remembers them.

Whatever the case may be, they will surely love to hang this free printable Santa stop here door hanger on their bedroom door this Christmas!

Download the Santa Stop Here Door Hanger.

Free Printable Notification of Delay Card

gift delay printable

This free printable Christmas gift delay card is perfect for those times when that perfect Christmas present is running just a little bit late!

Download the Notification of Delay Card.

Free Printable Santa Gift Tags.

santa gift tags

One fun way to make Christmas Day even more special for your kids is to include free printable Santa gift tags to all the presents under the tree.

Download the Santa Gift Tags.

Free Printable Santa’s Milk and Cookies Placemat

dear santa placemat

Leaving out milk and cookies for Santa is always a fun Christmas Eve tradition. It’s always exciting to wake up in the morning and see how many cookies Santa ate!

There are spaces to include a glass of milk (in case Santa is thirsty after a long night of deliver presents around the word!), some of your family’s favorite cookies, and a few carrots for Rudolph and the rest of the reindeers.

Download the Santa’s Milk and Cookies Placemat.

Free Printable Letter to Santa

letter to santa

Have your kids fill out the top of the letter along with their Christmas wish list. After they’re done, you can print out the envelope below and have them put it in the mailbox. The elves will pick it up and deliver to Santa himself!

Download the Letter to Santa.

Free Printable Envelope to Santa

santa claus envelope

Simply print and cut the envelope out along the guidelines. Fold the bottom (larger) flap up and make a crease. Fold the two side flaps inward and tape or glue to the larger bottom flap. After you’re done, fold up Santa’s letter, put it inside and fold down the top flap and seal with a piece of tape or a fun sticker.

Download the Envelope to Santa.