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6 Free Printable Christmas Party Games for Families

Christmas is a time for friends and family to gather and spend time with one another. Games are always a fun way to get everyone laughing and having fun.

I have put together a list of some of our free printable Christmas party games that would be great to play in a group setting this holiday season.

Looking for individual activities for kids? Then you’ll want to check out our Giant Free Printable Christmas Games and Activities list.

Christmas Bingo

Christmas bingo printable

How to play:

Enjoy a fun game of bingo with friends and family with these festive Christmas themed cards. One person is assigned the role of the caller. This person will not need to have a bingo card this round. The caller should first shuffle the stack of calling cards before starting the game.

Hand out a bingo card to each player. Everyone should also have a pile of some kind of chip or marker to place onto their board as the Christmas themed items are called out.

The first person to get five in a row, wins!

Download the Free Christmas Bingo Cards – 10 Cards

Purchase the Premium Christmas Bingo Cards – 30 Cards

Christmas scattergories

christmas scattergories

How to play:

First, cut apart the letters on the instruction sheet and place into a hat or small bowl. Have someone close their eyes and pick out a letter.

Set a timer for 3 minutes. If you are playing with younger children, you may want to set the timer for a little bit longer.

Using the categories card provided, each player will fill in answers that start with the previously selected letter. This set includes categories cards for 2 rounds of the game.

Write down as many answers as you can before the time runs out. If you get stuck on one, feel free to skip and return back to it later if time allows.

Try and come up with most unique answers that you can think of. For example if the letter chosen is “S,” for “An item of winter clothing,” you may want to write down “Ski Pants” instead of “Scarf,” since it is a less common item of winter clothing that you generally hear about.

When the timer runs out, go around the room and compare answers with the other players. If someone has the same answer as you, you both must cross it off your list. Whoever has the most unique answers at the end of the game wins!

Download Christmas Scattergories Instruction Page.

Download the Christmas Scattergories Categories Cards.

Download the Christmas Scattergories Answer Cards.

Christmas ABC Game

christmas abc game

How to play

First, give each player a blank activity page. On the page, you will see a line next to each letter of the alphabet. The goal of the activity is to come up with one Christmas related word that begins with each letter.

Download the Christmas ABC Game.

Decorate a Christmas Sweater Competition

free printable christmas sweater template

How to play:

Print out a bunch of these blank sweater templates and hand out crayons, markers, stickers, glitter or any other art supplies you have on hand.

The goal is to create the prettiest, ugliest, funniest or any theme you’d like sweater.

Have one person be the judge or have each participant vote on the best sweater. The winner can receive a prize! Or simply bragging rights!

Download the Free Printable Christmas sweater template.

Roll a Christmas Tree

mockup roll a christmas tree game

How to play:

In this game, each player will need a printable game board. Roll one dice and use the key to determine which color M&M should be placed on the Christmas tree. Keep rolling the dice until the entire tree is filled with the correct colors. When the game is over, you can eat all of the M&Ms!

Alternate Version: If you do not want to use M&Ms, you can use colored pom poms or simply color in each space with crayons or markers.

Download the Free Printable Roll a Christmas Tree Game Board.

How many words game can you make out of Christmas game.

how many words can you make from christmas

How to play:

Using each letter only one time, you have to see how many different words you can make out of the letters found in the word Christmas. Write down as many words as you can on the lines below.

There is room for 30 different words, however if you can keep going, feel free to turn over the page and keep writing! Here’s a hint, there are 301 words you can make!

Download the How many words can you make out of Christmas game.