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How to Make Lollipop Spiders | Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Last up in our lollipop Halloween craft series are these lollipop spiders. These spiders would be great for party favors or displaying on a table for some spooky decorations!

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Supplies needed to make one lollipop spider:

lollipop spider supplies

Step 1:

Cut the 3 black pipe cleaners in half to create 6 smaller pieces. You’ll only need 5 pieces, but keep the extra piece to create other spiders!

Step 2:

Next cut the black tissue paper into an approximately 4 inch square. Fold the tissue paper over the top of the lollipop and secure with one of the black pipe cleaners. Cut off any excess pipe cleaner.

spider progress

Step 3:

Lay 4 of the halved pipe cleaners underneath the wrapped lollipop. Cross the left side of the pipe cleaners over to the right side and twist together and then over one another. The

how to lollipop spider

lollipop spider

Bend the ends of the legs to form little L’s.

spider legs

Use glue to add on two googly eyes.

completed spider project

lollipop spider

Repeat as many times as you’d like to create your spooky army of lollipop spiders!


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Michele L Tough

Wednesday 19th of October 2022

Thankyou Kelly. These Halloween crafts are so fun and easy.

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