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Lollipop Ghost Craft | Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Lollipop crafts are such a fun, quick and easy Halloween treat to put together. Perfect for handing out to trick or treaters, or sending to school with your kids to give to their friends! Today, I wanted to share with you a quick tutorial on creating this lollipop ghost craft.

how to make lollipop ghosts pinterest

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Out of all the lollipop crafts I’ve done over the years, I think the cost is probably one of the easiest. Which means you can definitely put these together super fast for your kid’s school Halloween party that you totally didn’t forget about! 😉

Supplies needed to make a lollipop ghost:

A quick note about the supplies: If you don’t have white tissue paper you can also use tissues or even paper towels. You may just have to layer a few so that you don’t see the lollipop wrapper underneath.

lollipop ghost supplies

Step 1:

The first thing you’ll want to do is cut your tissue paper to an approximately 4 inch square.

Wrap the tissue paper around the top of the lollipop and secure with a pipe cleaner. The pipe cleaner doesn’t need to be too long so I would recommend cutting it in half first and then timing the excess off after it is tied around the lollipop.

lollipop ghost in progress

Step 2:

Now all you need to do is take a black sharpie and draw on the eyes and mouth.

lollipop ghost progress
ghost lollipop
ghost lollipop

And that’s all there is to this simple lollipop ghost!

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Cindi Knowles

Wednesday 13th of November 2019

This looks easy and fun. Thank you for sharing.

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