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Pom Pom Ornament Craft – Mini Pom Pom Christmas Ornament

We’re getting in the Christmas spirit a little early around here! This week I’ll be sharing a bunch of easy DIY Christmas tree ornaments.

Today’s ornament is this fun pom pom ball. While it’s definitely easy, it does take some time to glue on all the individual pom poms. So while you’re working on it, put on your favorite tv show, maybe get a glass of wine and have fun!

pom pom ball ornament pinterest

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Kids can definitely enjoy creating this ornament as well, however it may not be best for younger children as there is a lot of hot gluing involved. But don’t worry, we’ll have plenty more ornament ideas coming soon that even the littlest in the family can make.

Supplies needed to create one pom pom ornament:

ornament ball supplies

The first thing you’ll need to do to is get a styrofoam ball (easily found at craft stores or here on Amazon), or any other kind of lightweight ball.

I actually stole a few of my son’s ball pit balls for this project and they worked out great!

Cut a piece of string or ribbon and tie the ends together.

ball with string

Using hot glue, attach the string loop to the ball. Don’t worry about the ends of the knot, you’ll be covering everything up with the pom poms.

Now you can start covering the entire ball with mini pom poms. I used a mix of red, green and white pom poms.

Keep adding more pom poms until the entire ball is covered.

ornament ball progress
pom pom ball
pom pom ball in tree

You now have a fun pom pom ornament that will be a great addition to your Christmas tree this year!

Antoinette M

Monday 11th of November 2019

Fun and easy craft to make with the kids!


Saturday 9th of November 2019

I love this, and I'm very fond of pom poms, anyway, what a fun way to make ornaments with just about any age group!


Monday 4th of November 2019

This looks like a very easy and cute project to do with the kids!

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