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How to Make Lollipop Monsters | DIY Halloween Party Favors

This lollipop monster craft would make the perfect DIY Halloween party favor this upcoming spooky season. Whether you are throwing a party at home or in the classroom, these cute monsters are easy to make and everyone will be excited to take one home!

lollipop monster halloween favor

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Who doesn’t love a good lollipop? Well, actually I don’t enjoy them but I’m pretty sure I’m the exception to the rule. My kids would go through an entire bag of lollipops in one sitting if I would let them.

With Halloween just around the corner, you might be trying to plan a party or thinking about different ways to present candy to trick or treaters this year.

Dressing up lollipops in unique ways is a great way to make giving out candy more fun. Whether you would like to make lollipop spiders, lollipop pumpkins, lollipop ghosts, lollipop bats or lollipop monsters, the possibilities are really endless!

Keep reading for a written step by step tutorial on how to make these cute lollipop monsters. Or, if you’d like a visual guide you can watch the video tutorial below:

What do do with the lollipop monsters:

Here are a few fun ideas of what you can use the crafts for:

  • Giving out as Halloween party favors
  • Handing out to trick or treaters to make your candy a bit more fun than the rest!
  • Put them all together in a nice display and give as a gift
  • Bring them to the office for a fun Halloween treat for your coworkers
  • Just make for fun!
lollipop monster craft supplies

Supplies needed to make a lollipop monster:

covered lollipop

Step 1: Cover the lollipop.

Take the tissue paper and place it over the top of the lollipop. Cut a small piece of string and tie it around the lollipop to secure the tissue paper into place. You can either tie a knot and then cut it, or tie it into a bow.

drawing mouth on monster

Step 2: Draw a mouth and decorate.

Next, using a black marker, draw on the monsters mouth. I also added some black dots to decorate the monster as well.

adding eye to monster

Step 3: Add eyes.

Using glue, add on one eye or multiple eyes depending on how you would like your monster to look. If you are making multiple monsters it might be fun to make each look a bit different.

drawing teeth on monster

Step 4: Draw the teeth.

Using a white marker. I used this milky pen for mine. Draw teeth over the mouth. This really helps to complete your monsters look! Play around with the size of the teeth, number of teeth etc. Feel free to really get creative here!

Continue these steps to make as many lollipop monsters as you would like! 

final lollipop monster

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