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Create Your Own Jack-O-Lantern Coloring Page – Free Halloween Printable

This free printable create your own Jack-O-Lantern coloring page is the perfect activity to get your kids in the Halloween spirit this fall. With this activity, your children can create their own unique Jack-O-Lantern to color in and display around their home or classroom.

create your own jack o lantern coloring page

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I think that the majority of moms can agree that it is not always easy to leave the house with children. Sometimes I know that I am all for getting out and having an adventure, even if that adventure is just going to the grocery store.

But on some days, staying in the house is definitely the best option.

And for those days, it isn’t always easy to figure out what to do to entertain the kids in a fun and creative way.

And so to try and get ahead of the game, I created this fun free printable create your own Jack-O-Lantern coloring page that you can easily print and use this Halloween season.

It is a fun activity to get your kids to be creative and also in the festive Halloween spirit this year!

Free Printable Create Your Own Jack-O-Lantern Coloring Page

This coloring page is designed to be printed onto two 8.5×11 inch pieces of standard printer paper or cardstock. Each coloring page set will include three eyes, three nose and three mouth options to choose from.

Simply cut out and glue whichever eyes, nose and mouth options you decide on and then color in your unique Jack-O-Lantern face!

If you’d like, you can print three copies of the first blank pumpkin page and create three different Jack-O-Lantern faces.

Feel free to download and print as many copies of the Create your own Jack-O-Lantern coloring page as you would like. However, please do not edit or redistribute the files in any way. This printable was designed for personal or classroom use only.

create your own jack o lantern

Free download link is located at the bottom of this post.

Here are a few unique ways to use the Jack-O-Lantern coloring page:

Simply keep your kids away from carving pumpkins!
Let’s face it, giving your kids a sharp knife for them to carve a pumpkin this Halloween season is not always the best idea! Keep the danger to a minimum by giving them this printable coloring page to work on while you carve the real pumpkin!

Gives you an idea of what to carve.
Sometimes, you might not know where to start when carving your pumpkin. Personally, I know that I like to have a reference photo before beginning to start carving my pumpkins. This coloring page not only gives your kids a way to feel more involved in the pumpkin carving process, but also gives you some fun ideas on what your pumpkin should look like!

Decorate the house or classroom!
Have your kids create their very own Jack-O-Lantern and then hang it on the fridge, walls or door to showcase their creativity to all of the trick or treaters this year.

Get creative!
Not liking any of the options presented? No problem! Simply use the first blank Jack-O-Lantern page to draw in your very own design. You can then color in the pumpkin and display as is, or use is at a template for carving a real pumpkin!

Mix and match.
Don’t feel like you have to use one set of eyes when creating your Jack-O-Lantern face. Maybe you’d like one triangle eye and one semi circle eye. Feel free to mix and match to create your perfect Jack-O-Lantern.

If you would like more options for your Jack-O-Lantern coloring page, you may be interested in purchasing our upgraded file with 10 eyes, nose and mouth choices below.

jack o lantern banner

Download Link:

Download the Create Your Own Jack-O-Lantern Coloring Page – Free Version.