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Having been a graphic designer for so long, I’ve worked on tons of projects over the years. However, I think that one of my favorite types of printables to work on are definitely baby shower games. Something about creating designs with soft colors and cute baby animals are just so much fun to work on!

Because of this, I have designed SO many baby shower games. But the funny part is, I myself refused to have a baby shower at all! I’ll just blame it on the pregnancy hormones. Or maybe the fact that I hate being the center of attention, especially when feeling huge and exhausted. In any case, I turned down every baby shower offer from every single well meaning friend and family member.

With all that being said, I still love going to baby showers and think they are such a fun tradition. Not to mention, they really help out the parents-to be with getting all of the baby essentials they’ll soon need. And so today I wanted to share with you all three more sets of free printable baby shower games.

These three sets feature beautiful watercolor florals, a classic black and white brush script, and adorable baby giraffes. Your guests will have a blast playing these fun games at your baby shower. (Should you choose to have one!)

And If you’re not crazy about any of these designs below, I’ve got a whole bunch more for you to choose from. I’m sure amongst these you’ll be able to find a design that fits your theme perfectly!

Check out these other designs below:

  • Baby elephants This set is available in pink, blue or green. While definitely suited for a more subtle elephant theme, these are probably one of my favorite sets. I had actually created these ones while I was pregnant and still on the fence about having a baby shower of my own.
  • Woodland animals Foxes, deers and bears, oh my! This game set is perfect for any forest or woodland baby shower theme.
  • Zoo animals This set features cute little animals riding in an even cuter train! Did I mention they’re cute? This set would be great for any baby animal themed shower.
  • Pastel stripes Simple and classic, this game set is available in pink, blue or green. Featuring diagonal stripes, they would be great for just about any type of girl, boy, or gender neutral shower.
  • Buffalo plaid This game set is perfect for any rustic or lumberjack themed shower. With red buffalo plaid they would be suited for boys and girls alike.
  • Owls If you’re going for an owl themed shower then this game set is the way to go!  Staring an adorable mom and baby pair, this design is just too cute not to use!

Baby showers generally involve friends and family members from all walks of life. You may invite your coworkers, your childhood friends and your old aunt Tilly who you haven’t seen since you were three.

Gathering so many types of people together who most likely don’t all know each other can be a challenge. How do you make sure everyone has a good time and feels included? By playing games of course!

There are so many baby shower activities going around the internet. Just do a quick search on Google or Pinterest and you’ll be bombarded with baby food tasting, guessing games and diaper changing competitions. Interactive games are great for breaking the ice and printable games are fantastic as well. Guests can work on them at their seats while still having tons of room for some healthy competition.

Here are a few of my favorite types of printable baby shower games and directions on how to play them at your own party.

Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the free downloads.

How to play Baby Shower Word Scramble:

Have each of your guests try and unscramble all of the baby themed words. You can either have the printables ready for everyone at their seats, or have the host hand them out later on in the party.

TIP: Set a stop watch for a certain amount of time. Have all of your guests try and unscramble the words as quickly as possible. Whoever has the most when time is up, can win a prize!

How to play the Baby ABC Game:

This is one of my personal favorites! Each person fills in the spaces with the name of a baby related item that begins with that letter. For example, next to D you could write diaper.

To make it a little more challenging (and competitive) you could make it into a scategories type game. Break into a few teams and begin filling out your ABC list with the most unique baby related items they can think of. Once each team has their list filled out, you can begin reading out your answers. If someone else has the same answer for a certain letter as you, you both have to cross that item off. The team with the most answers left at the end of the game will be the winner.

How to play Baby Shower Bingo:

First, have each guest fill in the blank spaces on their bingo card with the types of gifts that they think the mommy-to-be will receive at the shower. While she is opening the gifts, everyone can mark an X through the box containing that gift. The first person to get 5 across, down or diagonal, wins! This is a sure fire way to make the what could be boring gift opening, way more exciting.

How to use the Advice for the Mommy-To-Be Cards:

Have all of your guests fill out a card with advice or words of encouragement for the mommy-to-be. Afterwards, you can place the cards into a decorative box or a photo album.

When the new mommy is having a rough day, how nice would it be for her to have this special keepsake of warm wishes and bits of advice to look back on. I know I definitely could have used some words of encouragement during those 2, 4, and 6am feedings!

How to incorporate Wishes for Baby Cards into your shower:

Create a wishes for baby station at an empty table. This is where your guests can sit down and write down their hopes, dreams, and/or words of advice for the new baby. Alternatively, you could have a stack of cards at each table.

Afterwards, everyone can place their card into a decorative box or photo album. This would make such a special keepsake for the baby as he/she grows up.

How to run a Baby Shower Diaper Raffle:

Place a diaper raffle card in each baby shower invitation. If a guest would like to participate in the raffle, they can bring a pack of diapers to the shower, along with the raffle ticket with their name written on it. The host of the party can collect the tickets, or you can have a container or box set up for guests to drop them into.

Then, at some point during the shower, pick a raffle ticket out of the box and whoever is chosen can win a fun prize! I think this is such a great idea. How grateful do you think the new parents will be to have a nice big stockpile of diapers ready to go before the baby even arrives!

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Each pdf is sized to fit an 8.5×11 sheet of paper. The games print 2 per page, the well wishes cards print 4 per page, and the diaper raffle cards print 8 per page. For best quality, I would recommend printing on white cardstock.

You may print as many copies as you’d like, however, downloaded files are for personal use only. You are not permitted to redistribute, reproduce, edit or resell any of our designs.

Watercolor Floral Design

This beautiful watercolor flower design would be perfect for a sweet baby girl. I think these advice and well wishes cards would look especially nice displayed in a photo album to look back on for years to come.

floral baby abc game
Baby ABC Game
Download Printable Game

free printable baby shower games
Baby Shower Bingo
Download Printable Game

free printable advice cardsAdvice for Mommy
Download Printable Cards
wishes for babyWishes for Baby
Download Printable Cards
Diaper Raffle Cards
Download Printable Cards

Baby Giraffe Design

Featuring a cute mom and baby giraffe pair, this game set would be great for any gender baby shower. If you’re planning a zoo or baby animal themed party, these are a must!

free printable baby abc game
Baby ABC Game
Download Printable Game
free baby shower advice cardsAdvice for Mommy
Download Printable Cards
wishes for babyWishes for Baby
Download Printable Cards
diaper raffle free printableDiaper Raffle Cards
Download Printable Cards


Black and White Design

Simple and classic, these black and white designs would go great with any theme. If you’re planning a more rustic party (or just like the look as much as I do!) I’d recommend printing these out on kraft paper instead.

free printable baby abc game
Baby ABC Game
Download Printable Game
printable advice cardsAdvice for Mommy
Download Printable Cards
wishes for babyWishes for Baby
Download Printable Cards


diaper raffleDiaper Raffle Cards
Download Printable Cards

wishes sign

Well Wishes Sign
Download Printable Sign

Diaper Raffle Sign
Download Printable Sign


Advice for mommy sign
Download printable sign

At the request of one of our lovely readers, I’ve also created matching guessing games in this watercolor floral design. Check out that post here.

Thanks so much for checking out my free printable baby shower games! I hope you enjoy!


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    All your printables are always so nice. The baby shower game printables are such a good idea. Everyone loves to play baby shower games.

  2. Avatar

    Do you happen to have a Diaper Raffle Sign in the black and white style??

    • Avatar

      Hi Brittany, Yes I do! I’ll add it to a blog post tonight and let you know as soon as it’s live!

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      Hi again! Just wanted to let you know the diaper raffle sign has been added to this post! 🙂

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    Thank you so much for allowing me to print these baby Shower games and ANSWERS for FREE when other websites are charging it saved a few dollars in my pocket since everything is starting to add up fassst and they are so ADORABLE!

    • Avatar

      Hi Christina! Thanks so much for the kind words! I agree, everything especially baby related things can add up so fast! Hope you enjoy the baby shower! 🙂

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    Laura Santee Reply

    I am so happy I came across your free printable templates for some very cute and tasteful games. After everything started adding up i was hesitant in pay to order for printable games when I knew we would only be planning on playing just a couple games.
    Do you ever make customization games?

    • Avatar

      Hi Laura! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the free printables! I know how quickly everything can add up! Yes I can definitely create some custom games. What did you have in mind?

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    Do you have a who knows mommy game sheet with some basic questions that you can post or create in black in white? I would be willing to send you some questions if you could make it.

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    Hello I was wondering if you have the signs in the black and white that go with the advice for mommy-to-be and also the wishes for baby cards.


    • Avatar

      Hi Katie! Yes, I do! I’ll make sure to have them uploaded sometime tomorrow for you! I can let you know as soon as they are up 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi again! I just wanted to let you know the new signs have been posted and are ready to download!

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    Laurie Nykaza Reply

    I cant wait to use these for the next baby shower we have they are so cute. We love playing games at our showers its always fun. So easy to print and use and i love the designs too.

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