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Free Printable Build an Elf Craft

This free printable build an elf craft is the perfect way to get your kids into the Christmas spirit and excited about the upcoming holiday season. With minimal supplies, they can have a ton of fun creating their very own elf!

free printable build an elf craft 1

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My son woke up singing Christmas songs this morning. It may not be winter yet, it may not even be summer, but it’s Christmas time in our house today!

To encourage this excitement I decided to get a super early head start on some new Christmas crafts and create this fun free printable build an elf craft.

With only a few supplies, this craft can keep your kids entertained and excited for the upcoming holiday season. Even if that holiday season is still many months away!

Materials needed to create the build an elf project:

  • White printer paper or cardstock
  • The elf template (the download link is located at the bottom of this post)
  • Markers, crayons colored pencils or other fun art supplies you would like to use.
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

free printable build an elf craft

How to create the build an elf craft:

The first thing you will want to do is print out the build an elf template. The free download link is located at the bottom of this post.

Next, gather some fun art supplies you have. This could be anything from crayons, markers, colored pencils etc. Have your kids color in all the pieces of the elf.

With your help, or on their own if they are able, cut out all of the different pieces of the elf.

Grab a piece of colored construction paper and begin gluing the pieces together to form the elf. There is a small picture of what the final elf should look like to reference.

And that is all there is to it! You now have a festive art project to hang on the wall or the fridge! Keep it up during Christmastime, or if you’re like us, all year round!

Free Printable Build an Elf Craft

This project was designed to be printed onto a standard 8.5×11 inch piece of white printer paper or cardstock. One elf craft will print per page. Please feel free to download and print as many copies of the template as you would like. However, please do not edit or redistribute the files in any way. This project was created for personal or classroom use only.

build an elf printable

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