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I truly think that it’s the small, thoughtful touches that make the holiday season so great. Something as simple as a handwritten note or gift tag can make the recipient feel extra special.

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Most families cook WAY too much food for Thanksgiving dinner. And that’s definitely not a bad thing because you’ll have leftovers for days! But most likely, you can’t eat all of the leftovers by yourself. And do you really want to eat turkey sandwiches every day for weeks? Probably not. Send your guests home with to-go boxes and they’ll love you even more!

I’ve created these free printable “Thankful for Leftovers” stickers that you can place on your to-go bags or boxes to add a little extra personal touch.

Free Printable Thankful for Leftovers stickers

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These stickers are designed to fit on Avery Template 22830 or Avery Template 22818. They are both the same except one will have a white background and one will have a kraft colored background. 9 stickers will print per page.

Note: Sometimes, depending on your printer, it can be a little tricky to align sticker templates. If you’re having trouble or just want to use a different brand of sticker paper OR create a different sized sticker, I’m also going to be included a free download of the sticker by itself. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for that file!

thankful for leftovers stickers

Download file here.

Here are a few other options if you’d like to use a different brand of sticker paper.

If you have some time, you can even upload this file to an online printer to have them professionally printed.

single sticker

Use this file if you’re using a different sticker paper template, sending to a local or online printer or would just like to print them at a larger/smaller size.

Download single sticker file here.

What kind of to-go bags/boxes are you planning on sending your friends and family home with?

For some reason I never seem to get back the tupperware I send people home with. But to be fair, I also have a cabinet full of containers that I should have returned also! In any case, disposable contains are probably the best bet. I’ve included below a few disposable box ideas that you can send everyone home with and not expect them back.

If you’re going to be sending your guests home with leftovers this Thanksgiving, be sure to add these fun “Thankful for Leftovers” stickers.

Did you use these printable stickers this year? I’d love to see! Tag me on instagram at @pjsandpaint if you upload any photos!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Tracie Cooper Reply

    These stickers are so cute! I would love to make these!

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