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How to Make a Paper Pumpkin Puppet | Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

This paper pumpkin puppet is a super cute Halloween craft that kids will love! Using just paper, scissors and glue you can create this paper puppet that open and closes it’s mouth!

how to make a paper pumpkin puppet

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My kids love puppets. They are very into pretend play right now and will make any toy they have “talk” to one another. With Halloween quickly approaching I wanted to think of a fun craft idea for them to make their very own puppet.

This paper pumpkin puppet is a wonderful activity where kids can not only create a puppet all by themselves, but also have a fun toy to play with afterwards.

Supplies needed to make one paper pumpkin puppet:

Keep reading to follow the written step by step tutorial, or watch this video for a visual guide:

Step 1: Fold the orange paper in half and unfold.

For my sample, I used a 9×12 inch piece of orange construction paper. Fold the paper in half and then unfold.

Step 2: Fold the edges to the center.

Take the bottom edge of the paper and fold up to meet the center crease that you just created. Repeat with the top edge, folding to the center as well.

Step 3: Fold in half longways.

Take the bottom edge of the paper and then fold up to the top edge.

Step 4: Fold in half again.

Fold the strip of paper in half.

Step 5: Fold the edges.

Take the top flap of the paper and fold to meet the edge. Flip the puppet over and repeat by folding the top flap to the edge. You should now have formed the base of the puppet.

To test it out, make sure that you can place your fingers into the top and bottom flaps and make the mouth open and close.

folding pumpkin puppet

Step 6: Decorate the pumpkin.

Cut out eyes, a nose and a mouth out of black construction paper. Glue the eyes and nose to the top of the puppet. You can also add a brown step to the top as well.

Open up the puppet and glue the mouth shape into the inside section.

Place your hands inside the top and bottom flaps and then have your pumpkin puppet open and close it’s mouth!

pumpkin puppet face

pumpkin puppet final

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