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32 Free Printable Halloween Games and Activities

Halloween will be here before you know it! I have rounded up all of our free Halloween Printable Games and Activities on one page. From coloring pages, to word searches, I spy games and more, we’ve got everything you need for a fun and spooky Halloween season!

Free Printable Halloween Color by Number Worksheet

halloween color by number free printable

Get in the spooky spirit with this free printable Halloween color by number worksheet. With minimal supplies and virtually no mess, this is a great activity for both at home or in the classroom.

Download the Halloween color by number worksheet.

Free Printable Build a Monster Craft

build your own monster free printable

This free printable build your own monster coloring page is a wonderfully fun activity to keep the kids entertained and having fun on a rainy day at home!

Download the Build a monster craft.

Free Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween scavenger hunt

If you are looking for a fun Halloween activity to keep the kids entertained without even leaving your home, then look no further! This free printable Halloween scavenger hunt is easy to set up, simple to play and will keep everyone entertained and having fun.

Download the Halloween scavenger hunt.

Free Printable Spider Web Template

paper spider web template

Halloween will be here before you know it! A great way to start getting into the spooky spirit is by making your own DIY decorations. Using this free printable spider web template is a fun way to start to getting your home or classroom ready for the Halloween season.

Download the spider web template.

Free Printable Halloween Joke Cootie Catcher

halloween cootie catcher file

Keep your kids laughing with this fun free printable Halloween joke cootie catcher. It’s a fun holiday themed twist on a classic paper fortune teller.

Download the Halloween joke cootie catcher.

Free Printable Bat Template

large bat template
small bat template

Have fun decorating your house or classroom this fall with this free printable bat template. Available in two different sizes, they will be perfect for tons of creative projects this Halloween season.

Download the large bat template.

Download the small bat template.

Free Printable Halloween I Spy Game

This free printable I spy Halloween game features pumpkins, witches hats, skulls, candy corn and more. It is great for kids of all ages and is the perfect spooky activity to get everyone into the Halloween spirit this year.

Download the Halloween I spy game.

Free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards

halloween bingo cards printable

This free printable Halloween bingo is a great game to play to get everyone into the spooky spirit! Kids and adults alike will have a blast playing this classic bingo game with a fun Halloween twist. This would even make a great activity to play in a classroom with students or during a holiday party.

Download the Halloween bingo cards.

Free Printable Build a Frankenstein Craft

free printable build a frankenstein

This free printable build a Frankenstein craft is perfect for a wide range of ages and is a great creative activity that will surely get everyone in the spooky holiday spirit.

Download the Build a Frankenstein craft.

Free Printable Halloween Crossword Puzzle

halloween crossword puzzle

This free printable Halloween crossword puzzle features 13 clues to help you fill in the puzzle below. It is a great activity for the classroom, a holiday party or simply something to do at home on a rainy day in October.

Download the Halloween crossword puzzle.

Free Printable 3D Haunted House

haunted house printable

This free printable 3D haunted house coloring page is a great activity for kids of all ages. It incorporates creativity, fine motor skills and a nice dose of Halloween fun.

Download the 3D Haunted House.

Free Printable Halloween Maze

free printable halloween maze

This free printable Halloween maze is an easy activity for younger kids to work on and get everyone into the Halloween spirit. This creative worksheet is perfect to use at home on rainy days, in the classroom or holiday parties. Not only is this easy maze a fun Halloween activity, but is also a great way for kids work on their fine motor skills and problem-solving skills.

Download the Halloween maze.

Free Printable Halloween Word Search

free printable halloween word search

Get in the spooky spirit with this free printable Halloween word search. Featuring 15 Halloween themed words to find, kids and adults alike will have a great time working on this holiday activity.

Download the Halloween word search.

Free Printable Halloween Word Scramble

free printable halloween word scramble

This free printable Halloween word scramble features 12 spooky and scary Halloween themed words to unscramble.

Download the Halloween word scramble.

Free Printable How many words can you make out of Halloween game

halloween how many words

This free printable How many words can you make out of Halloween game is a really great activity where you have to try and make as many words as you can, only using the letters that are found in the word Halloween.

Download the How many words can you make out of Halloween game.

Free Printable Vampire Hand Puppet

vampire hand puppet

Download the Vampire hand puppet.

Free Printable Build a Jack-O-Lantern Craft

build a jack o lantern

This free printable Build a Jack-O-Lantern craft is a great project for kids of all ages. With minimal supplies and minimal mess, this activity will spark creativity and get everyone into the Halloween spirit!

Download the build a Jack-O-Lantern craft.

Free Printable Frankenstein Hand Puppet

frankenstein hand puppet

Download the Frankenstein Puppet.

Free Printable Mummy Lacing Craft

mummy lacing

This mummy lacing craft is a great activity for kids to work on either at home or in the classroom. Included is a free printable template that makes this a very easy project to have your kids or students work on. It not only is fun, but also helps to improve their fine motor skills as well as knowing the alphabet.

Download the Mummy lacing craft.

Free Printable Spider Web Lacing Craft

spiderweb lacing printable

This spider web lacing craft is a great activity to work on at home or in the classroom. Included is a free printable template that makes this a super easy project to have your child or students put together. It is helpful to improve fine motor skills as well as counting.

Download the spider web lacing craft.

Free Printable Monster Hand Puppet

monster hand puppet

Download the Monster hand puppet.

Free Printable Jack-O-Lantern Hand Puppet

jack o lantern hand puppet

Download the Jack-O-Lantern hand puppet.

Free Printable Halloween Spot the Difference Activity

halloween spot the difference picture

This free printable Halloween spot the difference activity is a great game to keep your kids or students entertained this Halloween season. After your child is done spotting the differences, it can easily double as a fun and spooky coloring page!

Download the Halloween spot the difference activity.

Free Printable Halloween Garland Templates

halloween paper garland template

Halloween paper garland is so much fun to make and very easy which means it is perfect for both kids and adults. It is a great Halloween craft that doubles as a DIY decoration!

Download the Halloween Garland templates.

Free Printable Pumpkin Template

pumpkin template

Have fun decorating your home or classroom this fall with this free printable pumpkin template. It is the perfect starting point for a bunch of different festive projects this holiday season.

Download the pumpkin template.

Free Printable Spider Template

spider template

This free printable spider template is a great jumping off point for a wide variety of projects this Halloween. Whether you will be using it as a coloring page, a stencil, decoration or something else, having a template makes getting starting that much easier!

Download the spider template.

Free Printable Halloween Dot Painting Page

halloween dot painting

This free printable Halloween dot painting coloring page is perfect for getting kids into the holiday spirit all while working on their fine motor skills.

Download the Halloween dot painting page.

Free Printable Halloween Playdough Mats

5 free printable play dough mats

These free printable Halloween playdough mats will not only get your kids or students into the holiday spirit, but also keep them learning and having fun!

Download the Halloween playdough mats.

Free Printable Halloween Lacing Cards

halloween lacing cards

Help your child develop their fine motor skills all while getting into the holiday spirit with these fun free printable Halloween lacing cards. Perfect for at home or on the go, these cards will definitely come in handy when your little ones need a quiet activity to do.

Download the Halloween lacing cards.

Free Printable Create your own Jack-O-Lantern Coloring Page

create your own jack o lantern

This free printable create your own Jack-O-Lantern coloring page is the perfect activity to get your kids in the Halloween spirit this fall. With this activity, your children can create their own unique Jack-O-Lantern to color in and display around their home or classroom.

Download the Create your own Jack-O-Lantern coloring page.

Free Printable Halloween Candy Corn Counting Activity

This free printable candy corn counting activity would be great for parents to use at home or for teachers to incorporate into a fun Halloween themed lesson.

Download the Halloween candy corn counting activity.

Free Printable I Spy Halloween Game

i spy halloween free printable

Whether you’re planning a Halloween party, need a spooky classroom activity or are just looking for a fun game to play before trick or treating, this I Spy game is just what you’re looking for.

Download the I Spy Halloween game.