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Roll a Christmas Tree – Free Printable Christmas Game

Christmas is one of those holidays that seems to take over the entire month. In most stores you go to, it’s almost as if the second Halloween is over, you are bombarded with Christmas trees, holiday lights, and everything Santa.

If retail stores are getting in the holiday spirit super early, what’s stopping you? Start getting excited about Christmas by playing this fun Roll a Christmas Tree printable game.

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My son is an extremely picky eater. Most days its a big struggle to get him to eat a meal. However one thing he will always say yes to eating, are M&Ms. He calls them “M’s” and it’s pretty adorable when he asks me for them. He’ll pull me over to the cabinet where he knows we hide the candy and in a sweet little voice say, “Mama, M’s please?” How could you say no to that?

A few months ago I had created a fun printable Roll a Turkey game with M&Ms. If you’ve happened stumble upon this post before Thanksgiving, click here to check it out! It would be a great game to play while you’re waiting for dinner to be served.

Since that game was a big hit, I wanted to create a similar one for Christmastime. I mean, any excuse to eat more M&Ms sounds good to me! Both kids and adults will have a great time rolling the dice and decorating the Christmas Tree game board with colorful M&Ms. And as soon as you’re done, you get to eat them!

How to play the Roll a Christmas Tree game:

Each player will need a printable game board. Roll one dice and use the key to determine which color M&M should be placed on the Christmas tree. Keep rolling the dice until the entire tree is filled with the correct colors. When the game is over, you can eat all of the M&Ms!

roll a christmas tree game

Roll a Christmas Tree – Free Printable Christmas Game

2 game boards will print per 8.5×11 inch page. I would definitely recommend printing on white cardstock for the best quality print. You can use a paper cutter or scissors to cut the two games apart. This is the paper cutter that I am currently using for all of my projects and I can definitely recommend it!

Feel free to print as many game boards as you would like! However, please do not edit or redistribute the game in any way. This game was created for personal use only.

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Download link is located at the bottom of this post.

How to make the game more competitive:

The Roll a Christmas Tree game is definitely fun just as it is. However, if you’re playing with a large group of friends and family members, you may want to add a little competition to it!

Even if the game was originally geared towards kids, adults can most definitely have a ton of fun playing this game as well. To make it a little more competitive, you can give each person their own dice and a small bowl of M&Ms. Once someone says GO you can have everyone roll their dice and try to fill in the Christmas tree as fast as possible. Whichever person is finished decorating their Christmas tree first gets to eat all the other players’ candy!

Don’t have any M&M’s on hand, or just want a candy-free activity?

No problem! Here’s a fun alternative idea, mini pom poms! The rules of the game stay the same except instead of decorating the Christmas tree with M&Ms, glue on mini pom poms. Of course, once the game is over you won’t be able to eat the pom poms but I’m sure you can figure out another way to reward the players. Maybe they are free from helping with the post dinner cleanup. Or maybe they can win a small prize. Regardless, everyone will still have a blast playing this fun game on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or anytime during Christmas month.. aka December.

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Download Link:

Download the roll a Christmas Tree game.

LeAnn Harbert

Sunday 10th of November 2019

This will be fun to play with my granddaughters if I can keep them from eating all the m&m's.


Friday 8th of November 2019

What a cute game!

Tracie Cooper

Wednesday 6th of November 2019

I would love to play this game with my younger cousins!

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