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Today, I’m excited to share this fun free printable St. Patrick’s Day I Spy game. This activity would be prefect for any holiday classroom party, a play date, or just a great way to keep your children entertained on a rainy day.

I feel like stores are changing up their holiday decor so fast these days! Valentine’s Day hasn’t even passed yet and I’m already starting to see St. Patrick’s day items hit the shelves.

And so to get your children or students in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit as well, I have created this fun printable I Spy Game. It features 8 St. Patrick’s Day themed pictures for you to search for. But don’t worry! I have also included an answer key as well in case you get a bit stumped.

Kids and adults alike will have a ton of fun trying to find and count all of the holiday themed pictures. Leprechauns, four leaf clovers, rainbows, pots of gold and more!

st patricks day i spy printable

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How do you play the St. Patrick’s Day I Spy Game?

It is a really fun and easy activity! All you have to do is search in the box above and count how many of each type of image that you see. Next, write down the correct number of images you see on the lines next to each picture. And to make it a little extra challenging, I have also included a few extra pictures in the box as well.

Note: If you are playing the St. Patrick’s Day I Spy game with younger children, you can have them draw an X over each picture as they count them.

Alternatively, they can also color in each picture as they could them. Not only is this a great way to extend the length of time they are working on the activity, but it also allows kids to be a little more creative.

How to make the St. Patrick’s Day I Spy Game reusable:

Since this is a holiday themed activity, you may want to reuse the game and have your students or children work on the activity year after year. Here are two ways to do this.

Use a home lamination machine:
If you have access to a home lamination machine, you can laminate the I Spy game page and use a dry erase marker to write down your answers. Once you are done, you can simply wipe off the marker and store the game away for next year.

Use dry erase pockets:
If you don’t have a home lamination machine, you can use these very cool dry erase pockets. They are a super simple and cost effective way to make this I Spy game, and tons of other fun printable games, reusable.

Just as if they were laminated, use dry erase markers to write down your answers. Once you have completed the activity, just wipe away the answers!

Note: For both of these options, I would recommend printing on white cardstock to ensure that the games hold up better over time.

Free Printable St. Patrick’s Day I Spy Game:

This free printable St. Patrick’s Day I Spy Game is sized to print on a standard 8.5×11 inch piece of paper or cardstock.

Please feel free to download and print as many copies of the I Spy game as you would like. However, please do not edit or redistribute the files in any way. This I Spy game is intended for personal or classroom use only.

st. patrick's day i spy game printable

Download links to the game and answer key are available at the bottom of this post.

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