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Free Printable Halloween Maze | Worksheets for Kids

This free printable Halloween maze is an easy activity for younger kids to work on and get everyone into the Halloween spirit. This creative worksheet is perfect to use at home on rainy days, in the classroom or holiday parties. Not only is this easy maze a fun Halloween activity, but is also a great way for kids work on their fine motor skills and problem-solving skills.

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Halloween will be here before you know it! Whether you are looking forward to going trick or treating or visiting a haunted house, you can start getting in the spooky spirit with some fun seasonal games and activities. In this free printable Halloween maze you will have to work your way through to reach the Jack-O-Lantern in the center of the page.

Supplies needed:

  • Free printable maze (the download link is located at the bottom of this page)
  • Pencil, crayon, pen or marker

Why are printable Halloween mazes a great activity for kids of all ages?

There are so many benefits to working on different mazes. Not only do they help young children to develop their fine motor skills by using crayons, pencils or markers and staying in the lines, but they also help with problem-solving skills.​

While this may be an easy maze, solving it is a fun way to make young kids feel like they have solved a problem and accomplished something. Even if it is only a fleeing moment, that feeling of pride is something that will stay with them.

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How to make the free printable Halloween mazes reusable

Maybe you are a teacher looking for educational activities and would like to reuse the maze activity with multiple students or in multiple classrooms. Or maybe you would like to save the activity for your younger kids to work on year after year. Whatever the case may be, laminating the maze is a great way to make the activity reusable.

​Simply laminate the game using a lamination machine and then use a dry erase marker to work through the maze. This is the lamination machine that I currently have and I can definitely highly recommend it!

If you do not have access to a lamination machine, dry erase pockets are also a great option. All you have to do is place the game into the pocket and then once again use a dry erase marker to work on the maze.​

If you are planning on reusing the game, I would recommend printing the mazes out onto white cardstock if possible. Cardstock is much more durable than standard printer paper and will be able to better withstand being used over and over again by younger children.

Free Printable Halloween Maze for Kids

This free printable Halloween maze was designed to be printed onto a standard piece os 8.5×11 inch white printer paper or cardstock. One maze will print per page. Please feel free to download and print out as many copies of the maze as you would like. However, please do not edit or redistribute the files in any way. The free printable mazes were created for personal use or classroom use only.

free printable halloween maze

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If you are looking for some more Halloween fun just like these printable Halloween mazes, you might want to check out the bundle below. It includes 26 different Halloween games, activities and creative worksheets all packaged in an easy to download pdf file.

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Download Link:

Download the free printable Halloween Maze Worksheet.


Friday 23rd of October 2020

Such creative ideas! Thank you!!

Deborah Kos

Tuesday 10th of March 2020

I just love all of your holiday printables. They are so nice to have on hand to occupy the little ones with activities.

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